Bankruptcy Thesis Statement

Bankruptcy Thesis Statement

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A well-crafted thesis statement should reflect well-crafted ideas. As such, there are some things to consider if you want to create a well-crafted thesis statement. But what is a thesis statement for Bankruptcy? A thesis statement captures your idea of the thesis into one or two sentences. It signals to the reader, the writer’s intelligence, commitments and enthusiasm on a particular subject or opinion.

Qualities of an effective Bankruptcy thesis statement

Your thesis statement about Bankruptcy is no exception to your writing. Hence, an effective thesis on Bankruptcy has to be as clear as possible in laying out the direction of the paper. It forms the base of the entire document, ensuring the reader understands precisely what you mean. Thus, it should be limited to what can be accomplished in the paper that follows.

Shape your thesis statement to get straight to the point. It has to be focused, narrow, and crisp. Remain specific throughout the state for more success. Match each claim with supporting evidence and avoid jargon unless you are confident your audience will be familiar with it. The statement tells the reader next to nothing unless you frame it in a manner that the reader will comprehend fully.

The Best Position for Your Thesis Statement

The best position for your thesis statement for Bankruptcy essay is always at the end of the introductory paragraph. The sentence that precedes it should introduce the statement, while the sentence that follows should explain it. Similar to how a sentence introduces and organizes a paragraph, so should the thesis statement introduce the reader to what follows. Try not to announce the statement on bankruptcy. In other words, try not to use phrases such as “In this paper, I will attempt to…” You wouldn’t want you statement on Bankruptcy to sound like the work of an amateur.

What Interesting Facts to Include In Your Bankruptcy Thesis?

Following a strong introduction to your thesis statement on Bankruptcy, define what Bankruptcy is. You can also include the fact the need for handling an individual’s ability to pay a debt is as old as money itself. Moreover, you can mention some of the remedies different countries have for bankruptcy. For instance, in ancient Jewish law, Jewish debt was cleared every seventh year, and that the 50th year, the year of the Jubilee, was clearing all debt. Furthermore, you could mention other extreme remedies such as when Genghis Khan prescribed the death penalty for anyone why had been declared bankrupt three times.

Differentiate Between US Chapter 11 Bankruptcy And UK Administration

In the US, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is part of the United States Bankruptcy Code while in the UK, filing for bankruptcy is referred to as administration. Try and elaborate it further by citing the similarities and differences between both instances. For instance, you can mention that both remedies involve reorganization or approval by a third party for business decisions. Also, address the role by the business owner during the bankruptcy proceedings.

Moreover, you can mention that business owners retain a moderate level of control in chapter 11 bankruptcy. On the contrary, the creditor oversees a majority of business operation in administration. Your thesis can also cover the result of each remedy. For instance, in Chapter 11, getting the business back in shape is seen as a last resort. While, the UK’s administration is instrumental at helping companies with paying off their debt, no being dissolved.

What causes bankruptcy?

There are several causes for bankruptcy which you can discuss in your Bankruptcy thesis. For example, you can cover the effect of weak market conditions on the number of bankruptcy cases. Since the economy tends to boom and bust, mention how various niche market deal with susceptible shifts in consumer spending. Present a scenario in which you can base your argument on. To illustrate, a small music shop owner will be forced to close up shop when a consumer starts buying digital downloads instead. Moreover, you can talk about how increased competition by large firms can lead to a cut in revenue for smaller firms leading to bankruptcy.

Another common cause of bankruptcy is poor decision making. Your thesis can cover how a lack of proper planning and level-heading thinking causes bankruptcy. Focus on how business owners need spending time and money only on financially viable products. Mention the importance of finance and management experience for increased profitability of a business.

Statistics on the Bankruptcy filings

One of the essential parts of a bankruptcy thesis could be statistics on bankruptcy filings. For instance, bankruptcy filing in the US is said to be on a steady rise from 1980 to 2005. In your Bankruptcy thesis, consider listing the likely causes of bankruptcy hitting an all-time high in 2005. Support your argument with statistics on how two million people filed for bankruptcy.

Also, present an argument on how the number dipped the following year, to 600,000, which was the lowest in 20 years. Provide the reader with a theory of why consumers, and not a business, filed a vast majority of these cases. Support your argument with statistics such as the bankruptcy rate for business in 1980 which stood at 13 percent, and currently stands at three percent.

Provide Detailed Analysis of the Number of Bankruptcies

Continue to refine the introduction you gave on thesis statement on Bankruptcy. Consider breaking down the numbers by emphasizing bankruptcy policies in each country or state. For instance, mention how laws in each country or state affect the number of bankruptcy filings. Also, present statistics to support your argument such as the number of filings by states in the US. For example, California has the highest number of bankruptcy cases at more than 240,000.

Consider giving your audience a reason to explain why the state accounts for 17 percent of all bankruptcy filings nationwide. Furthermore, provide a reason to explain why states such as Alaska are at the lower end of the spectrum with fewer than 1,000 filings. Moreover, give an argument that explains how changes in bankruptcy laws account for the rise or fall in the number of filings nationwide in your bankruptcy thesis too.

Topics to Consider When Writing a Bankruptcy Thesis

There is an overwhelming number of topics for discussion which you could consider when writing a bankruptcy essay. Let’s explore some of these topics;

Strategies a Debtor can apply to recover from Bankruptcy

Debt is a way of life for many consumers and eventually leads to bankruptcy. As such, consider focusing on the most effective approach to managing all debt. You can discuss how people resolve to sell whatever they can spare to pay off their debt. For instance, you can consider whether this is an effective way of getting out of bankruptcy. Since most people take this action immediately after realizing that they can’t make the payment, you can use statistics to argue if this method works. So, do these people get out of debt or do they end up in more debt?

Additionally, you can cover the role played by e-commerce sites such as eBay and Craigslist in helping people get out of debt. Consider how the platform fee and other third-party fee inconvenience the seller’s ability to pay their mortgage.

The Role Played By-Laws in Bankruptcy Recovery

Considering that most people can afford to pay their debt over time, you can cover how bankruptcy laws such as Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps. Your thesis should present a clear picture of bankruptcy and the fight to save assets from sale. Since not all bankruptcies qualify for chapter seven protection, you can offer the best means for bankruptcy recovering with minimal implications.

For example, the best strategy to use when making partial payments to the creditor. Also, support your argument with facts and statistics to maintain the integrity of the thesis statement about Bankruptcy.

How Creditors can Help Their Debtors Avoid Bankruptcy

When you make your argument for your thesis statement on Bankruptcy, it is essential to specify and justify the actions of all parties involved. For instance, in your bankruptcy essay, there is a creditor and a debtor. Since the creditor would instead get some money from the debtor than no money at all, consider the steps taken by the creditor to ensure the debt is cleared.

For example, consider the steps taken by the creditor when the debtor declares financial difficulty but willingness to pay. What are the chances of a creditor reducing the monthly payments to ease the burden on the debtor? Conduct research on such hardship programs and their outcome to determine their success. You can justify the actions of the creditor and specify the benefits to the debtor to bankruptcy thesis interesting.

How Consumer Credit Counselling Affect The Number Of Bankruptcy Filings?

To present the best Bankruptcy thesis, avoid generic arguments. Your Bankruptcy essay needs to give unique ideas and approach. Since most debtors fail to secure the support of creditor, a majority turn to professionals to get payments and interest rate reductions. Moreover, some countries require credit counseling before a bankruptcy filing.

The main objective of discussing recovery is debt management. In your essay, you can talk about how consumer credit counselor works with debtors and creditors to put together a debt management plan. Support the arguments that consulting a credit counselor has helped people get out of bankruptcy. For example, credit counselors can find financial loopholes in a debtor’s budget which can furnish the payment of the debt.

How to Avoid Bankruptcy from Occurring?

Your thesis statement on Bankruptcy was meant to capture the attention of your audience. The content of your Bankruptcy thesis was intended to reveal your thoughts and arguments. It will be more appealing and exciting to the reader if you present an option for avoiding bankruptcy. For instance, you can educate your reader on how to pay their creditor to prevent bankruptcy.

You can talk about how re-negotiating all contracts can also help avoid bankruptcy. Discuss the benefits of creating short-term cash flow both for individual and businesses that make sales based on credit. Inform the reader about the benefits of making their vendors provide investor on a consignment basis.

Supporting Your Thesis

Supporting your Bankruptcy thesis should be your overall goal. Your thesis is no exception when it comes to providing support for your arguments. You should present information that convinces your audience that your thesis makes sense. As a result, you need to pay a lot of attention to the details you choose to present to support your argument.

You can and should add some variety in the support for your thesis. For instance, one of the best forms of support is personal experience and observation. More precisely, drawing support from experiences can help you develop a strong point in favor of your ideas. From the very beginning, use a personal view to add interest and emotion to your work, as it will pull your audience along. However, personal experience and observation alone cannot support the thesis by themselves, as it makes the argument too weak to defend itself.

To be a competent writer, use facts. Since facts are easily verifiable, they can help you strengthen your personal experiences and observations by giving them substance and grounding. For instance, you can tell your readers that you managed to avoid bankruptcy by going for credit counselling session every month. While the story might seem appealing, your audience might not view this as a serious debt management technique. However, if you follow up on your account with some facts about credit counseling, your story takes on more credibility.

Indeed, facts are undeniably useful. However, your Bankruptcy thesis shouldn’t just state the facts as that will make your thesis not as enjoyable to read and follow up to your audience.

Concluding Your Thesis

In concluding your essay on bankruptcy, it would be wise to provide the reader with a summary of that fact in your essay. For instance, you can summarize the statics, the common causes of bankruptcy, and the consequences of bankruptcy to and an individual and a nation as a whole. You can emphasize both prevention and recovery strategies that can be leveraged. Moreover, focus on the overall benefits of fighting bankruptcy on a specific aspect to end your thesis strong. Also, make sure your conclusion answer your arguments and your bankruptcy thesis statement.

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