Healthy Eating Essay

Healthy Eating Essay

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You probably have a hard time producing a healthy eating and nutrition essay, are you? You don’t have to struggle, and yet our team is here for you. In this paper, we’ll be appreciating the various aspects of what it takes to compose a leading healthy eating argumentative essay. You can rest assured to impress your instructor leave alone get you top marks.

To best help you understand the whole process of healthy eating essay writing, we’ve opted to begin by giving a brief coverage on what it is to eat healthily. Read on!

The current society is quite busy, people are always on the move to make money, attend graceful events, make it to meetings and they end up forgetting to spare some little time to focus on eating healthy and making appropriate dietary choices. The situation as a right now has accustomed people to be eating to the go, which means depending entirely on fast foods. You can’t compare fast foods to a well-cooked healthy home meal. Taking your time to make appropriate and healthy dietary choices is of great benefit to one’s health as proper nourishment gives the human body a better chance to recover from some of the universal health setbacks like disease.

You ought to choose between eating a healthy diet to settling for foods rich in fat that will pose a significant health risk in the long run. Based on scientific proof, research has it that a well-balanced and healthy diet should involve vegetables, fruits, grains and regular exercise for your body to stay healthy? What are some of the essential nutrients your body needs to prosper and work efficiently? Looking out for this will make a significant difference in the overall outcome of someone’s bodily health. Good practice would be to stick to vegetables and raw fruits, and you can rest assured of perfect health, well, if at all you’ll be doing good exercise. Health complications come about as a result of disregarding the foods we consume. Appropriate body care makes you less prone to some of this.

Ultimate Healthy Eating Argumentative Essay

What is a healthy eating argumentative essay? This is an essay that aims at bringing out your stance on issues pertaining to healthy eating plus back up reasons as to why not forgetting evidence and findings to back your stance.

Finding a Focus

A healthy eating argumentative essay can be based on many healthy eating essay topics. It all depends on you as a person, what you settle for. A reasonable and practical approach to this is to do more research and don’t just be satisfied with what you know. There are various publications, journals, and healthy eating related articles that have been published before, you could go ahead and read them to help settle for healthy eating essay topics that are more winning. You could as well watch some of the healthy eating shows, and you could be lucky to find people arguing on you’re the healthy eating topic you’re looking to discuss. This could open your mind to some of the more critical areas you need to focus your healthy eating and nutrition essay on.

Meanwhile, try answering the following;

  • How valid is your healthy eating argument
  • What’s the logic behind it?
  • How significant is it?
  • What’s the reaction you expect from the public?

After going through this and you still finding hard to settle for some of the healthy eating essay topics, then you need not give up, instead keep up with the research or seek for help from your seniors or even better your instructor. Some little assistance with your healthy eating and nutrition essay topic could help build on some faint idea you hand in mind.

Thesis Statement for Healthy Eating Argumentative Essay

Your healthy eating essay ought to have a thesis statement. This is a single sentence typically placed in the introductory paragraph that functions, to sum up, the main idea in your essay and go ahead to mention your preferred opinion based on the healthy eating and nutrition essay topic. This sentence holds to much water, and therefore spending some time to come up with a working thesis statement is something writers need to be cautious with.

Applicable ways of formulating a thesis statement for your healthy eating essay writing;

Question/answer approach; this is the best-preferred way to develop a thesis statement. Here a writer is required to turn the healthy eating essay topic into a question and go ahead to tackle the issue. For instance;

  • Does eating junk foods affect our health?
  • Is drinking water and doing exercise considered healthy eating?

Refusing objections; this form has also so far proven effective in formulating a thesis statement. On the one hand, you come up with something stating a side of the healthy eating discussion while the other works to oppose the debate.

Composing the Healthy Eating Essay

How you start to write a healthy eating argumentative essay depends on what you’re planning to write about. The whole section of the introduction should purpose to revolve around the thesis statement. How does this work? You’re required to back up the claims made in the thesis statement, stabilize the sentence. This is done by giving a brief overview on what the healthy eating statement is generally about, write the presenting shreds of evidence and at the end of it all ensure the statement is stable enough to pose a winning discussion.

A few ideas you could use when composing your healthy eating essay example;

  • Consider telling a true story based on healthy eating
  • Ask thoughtful questions
  • Give a simple explanation of the healthy eating problem

Healthy Eating Essay Outline

Just like you’d sit down to write a standard college essay, healthy eating essay outline is also considered when writing. This one is more straightforward, you need to know when and where to put specific information, and you’re good to go. To help you with the healthy eating essay outline, you ought to address the following in your paper;

  • Capture the reader’s attention. Know what the reader is looking for, go ahead and give it to them in a much more convincing way that will prompt them into wanting more of it.
  • The argument is composed of two sides; the opposing and supporting side. A smart writer would touch on both sides just so to prove to the reader which one holds more water, In which case the one you prefer should come out winning.
  • Careful to brush off any ideas and objections they might be building in their minds. If at all they’re sound, be sure to consider them before writing and find a way to address them in your healthy eating essay writing.
  • Persuade your audience into accepting your idea as the best one. This takes lots of convincing and pieces of evidence
  • Bring out your point of view and woo your readers into joining your cause.

The Healthy Eating Essay Structure

The Introduction

This is the welcoming section of your healthy eating and nutrition essay. How best could you write and still finish in time? A good practice is to write the introduction last. Coming up with a focused, healthy eating argumentative essay introduction can be challenging at times, and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up spending lots of time on it. Remember, time is of the essence, there are lots of work involved in healthy eating essay writing, and the introduction is just but one of them. Plan your job well and draft the introductory paragraph at the end of the writing for you’ll have finished dealing with other sections of the paper and you’ll be left with enough time to come up with a winning healthy eating essay introduction.

Meanwhile while at this, here are few tips a writer could always look up to;

  • Make good use of the healthy eating essay title. The title of the paper works more like a healthy eating essay thesis statement or the issues related to healthy eating you’re trying to address.
  • Present tangible evidence. Ensure that what you’re presenting to your reader’s in undeniable, something they can’t be in a position to refute. This will work towards gaining your reader’s confidence, and we both know where this leads to.
  • Ensure you have a working and robust thesis statement. A good thesis should contain both the dependent and independent clause; some good sentence that makes a claim and defends it. Of note; the thesis statement is typically guided by the conclusion of the introductory paragraph and therefore be on the lookout for this to avoid disrupting the flow of ideas.
  • Assume an empathy approach; your audience will surely be persuaded the moment you deploy some elements of empathy. Show to your readers’ that you’re sensitive to their concerns and not just writing for educative purposes.
  • Be precise; remember it’s the introductory paragraph not the discussion for the whole paper. So be careful with what you write, avoid excess and still to relevance.
  • What do you think will intrigue your readers? What are the aspects of healthy eating that your readers are so much interested in and how will go about it? Get them what they need, and you shall win.

The Body Structure

This is the discussion of the healthy eating essay. To begin with, you ought to give a topic sentence; this should give the direction of the body section. The other sections of the body will work to support the declarations of the topic sentence or expound on it by through presenting shreds of evidence and findings you came across during your prewriting research.

A standard healthy eating essay body is made up of at least four paragraphs. Mind you all these paragraphs are discussing different points based on the findings all to support the topic sentence. All these reasons ought to be backed with solid pieces of evidence to prove validity. Give the audience reasons as to why you think your audience should accept whatever you’re presenting to them. A better way to this is mentioning points from both sides of the discussion and then going ahead to oppose them.

Check this out;

  • Opinions and Back Up

A regular paper should at least have four ideas to present to their readers. So these opinions are the leading guide of the body paragraphs; they will serve as topic sentences. Therefore, you ought to go further and back these opinions with findings based on healthy eating research and existing facts. A step to making your opinions sound more credible is to use words like “if… then” for logic.

  • Look Forward to Opposing Opinions

What do other people think of healthy eating? What’s the most effective approach you can use in targeting specific individuals? How best can you convince your readers? Some audiences come reading your paper having predetermined stances, and it’s your role to show them that yours is the right way to be followed. Or even better strengthen their opinions if at all they are sound.

The Healthy Eating Essay Conclusion

This is more or less a reflection of the healthy eating and nutrition essay introduction. It’s generally a summary of the information discussed in the healthy eating argumentative essay. There are opinions and ideas you came up with along the paper. The conclusion will purpose to strengthen them more, maybe emphasize on the take-home message for the readers. It a wrap of the whole, healthy eating essay writing paper. Avoid bringing in additional information here, just a recap of what was initially mentioned.

 You could as well come up with a hypothesis to conclude your work. Try to relate what you’ve said to the current situation of healthy eating to bring the point a little closer to home.

A call to action could also do. Advice your audience and make recommendations on what they ought to do in terms of healthy eating.


There you go, all that you need for your healthy eating and nutrition essay. If at all you’re not satisfied by the above information, check out healthy eating essay example to guide you further. Remember, stay objective.

Are you a good healthy eating essay writer? What’s your trick?

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