How To Write Introduction for Your Essay

How To Write Introduction for Your Essay

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Introduction essay paragraphs are central in any piece of writing for the reason that they give readers advance information about the content and the purpose of the material. While it might look like an easy task to accomplish, writing introduction essays demand more than putting pen to paper. To convince our readers that your article is worth their time, you will have to provide interesting facts at your first line. The introduction has been used as a skill of grabbing the reader’s attention not only in oral speeches but also in books by various authors. So, to write an introduction requires the patience of understanding how to write introduction for your essay.

Definition of an Introduction

An introduction is a statement either written or orally stated that invites the reader or a listener to a speech. For essays, this is the line that briefs the readers about the content of the paper. An introduction for a paper is therefore essential as a preview of the significant arguments informing a paper.

Having discussed what an introduction is, the primary consideration resides in how to write introduction for your essay. There are useful writing tips online, but the most critical part lies with a deeper understanding of the process. It is easy to take up your pen and write something on your paper. Think for a moment about an introduction, and you will realize just how difficult it is to formulate one for an essay. Because academic papers require more of your time and research besides adhering to laid down rules and procedures even makes the task more challenging.

It ceases to be a question of how to write introduction for your essay to what are the critical components of a good introduction. Consider your readers and their interest in your work before you even start writing. As a consumer, the readers will least concentrate on articles that tell them nothing new. It bores them and takes away their attention.

Attention-grabbing introductions are like magnets because they keep your readers glued to your work. The only way to have the reader intensely combing through your entire paper is first to understand them. Readers can be attached to ones work on what they like. If you are writing a science paper, identify readers whose interest are on science and give them every reason to read the article through a persuasive definition essay.

The Requirements of Great Introductions

Topic Choice for Definition Essays

Equally good topics inform good essays. The choice of the right subject will give you control over your work, and you will enjoy writing the thesis statement for a definition essay. Where a topic has not been chosen for you by the professor, you should come up with a problem that is dynamic enough to provide you with sufficient facts to put to paper. Some topics are good but not the best. Consider a topic which has been well researched and is documented. If you are writing a narrative essay, for example, you should have a story subject which has fascinating facts. Remember you are telling a story, and for that reason, you cannot write an introduction based on anything unimportant in particular. Generally, topics are determined by the subject of discussion. If you are unable to get a good topic for your paper then ask your professor to assist you.

Sentence Structures for Introduction Essays

Consider using sentences that are well reflective of the points that you are trying to pass across. Never provide longer sentences that are deficient of news. In terms of the length, a good sentence for an introduction should be concise but rich with information. The words in your introductory sentences should not exceed 25 if you want your readers to understand what you are telling them. In most cases, contractions are to be avoided for professionalism. Short sentences are also visually appealing, and for that reason, they should dominate the introduction.

In the first line or sentence that opens your essay, think of words that will excite your readers. Do not use jargon because it will discourage the readers. Instead, use the words that express your point well in addition to communicating to the reader. Ideally, when writing an introduction essay, put yourself in the shoe of your reader. Imagine it is you who have been presented with the article to read. Try to establish if the first line, especially the first line, warrants your attention.

Creating a Thesis Statement for the Paper’s introduction

A thesis statement for a definition essay is a sentence in your paper which explains your purpose as a writer and what you stand for in as far as the topic is concerned. A thesis statement will help the readers to be on the same wavelength with the writer in addition to making them involved in reading the essay. It takes into account the fact that readers are not just passive consumers but a significant part of tasks that are considered as successful. Give your reader every reason to read your paper by providing strong thesis statements within your introduction.

Writing an Introduction Essay

The first step is to write down the key points that will be included in your introduction. Remember that an introduction also must have aspects that are thoroughly researched. Jot the ends down and try to conceptualize how they will connect to the opening.

The second step is to write topic sentences. This is the first line of an introduction which gives a brief if the content of the introduction essay. It is considered as a connector of the theses statement and the opening. A topic sentence bridges the main body of the introductory paragraph to the thesis statement for a definition essay. The best approach for creating a topic sentence is fist by drafting it and trying to relate it to the thesis idea to see if there is a flow. Coherency is an element which cannot be overlooked if you want to achieve a great introduction. Make the sentence in this section as brief and as exciting as possible.

The third step is to join the topic sentence to the thesis statement. This basically is another critical step to achieving a great introduction. As you write the opening of your paper, the goal is to ensure that your topic sentence blends well with the thesis statement; otherwise, a failure to establish the connection will result in a lack of coherency. Readers are more engaged when they read an introduction that seamlessly flows. Just like in an orchestra where all the instrument does not compete but instead they are harmonized to produce a good sound that audience appreciate, consider your introduction as a communication channel you have adapted to pass information.

The fourth step is to write a transitional statement linking the topic sentence, the thesis statement, and the subsequent paragraph. You should not leave the last sentence hanging. After you have fused the thesis statement and the topic sentence, make sure that finish with a line that ushers in the next paragraph. However, this line should not tell the readers the obvious step you will take next in the course of the essay. The purpose of this line is straightforward. It is to join the introduction and the body. This line is also known as a summary sentence which comes at the end of every paragraph.

An Example of a Summary Sentence

“This paper will explore various interventions the government has taken to save the forests from further destruction.”

The summary line for an introduction essay for a paper should be as concise as possible and should not contain a lot of unnecessary information. Here, the writer must jump straight into the overall idea his or her paper is addressing.

The fourth step is to revise the introduction sentence. Revision is the key to identifying mistakes that you might have made in the course of your work. Considering that a good definition essay should not introduce grammar mistakes and editing errors to the readers, it is worthwhile taking your time and digging into the details of your work to find out possible mistakes. Editing also helps the writer to once again check if the whole introduction paragraph is not making sense hence changing it altogether. Check for the flow and the connection to the overall idea. The worst mistake to make when writing an introduction paragraph is to let the section stand alone and not connect with the theme or the concept.

Useful Writing Tips for an Introduction

  • Begin the writing of an introduction with a bang: the fact that you intend to ultimately win over the trust of the readers to your article demands that you begin with a line that will attract their attention.
  • Generally, startling facts, anecdotes, which are interesting, quotations and expert opinions are regarded as the most appropriate way to start an introduction, consider using them for your introduction essay.
  • Even better, you can use the points you intend to base your arguments on.

Apply an Inverted Pyramid Approach for Definition Essay

The inverted pyramid approach discusses the major issues and then the minor ones. In this case, the procedure will be to discuss the general issues before narrowing down to more specific items for the definition essay. This implies that the readers will get a taste of the context of the topic of discussion in advance, after which more details will be provided later. An essay that is reporting an event will be the most ideal for an inverted pyramid approach. If you are still stuck with the question of how to write introduction for your essay, think of broad issues and then bring it down to the specifics. There you will have a more important tactic to apply and end up with a good introduction essay.

Emphasize on the Key Points of your Thesis Statement for a Definition Essay

You have made a claim which you have to justify. In the introduction, you have provided a background bearing some crucial points. Let your readers know of the plan you have for them in the entire work by outlining the key points in the thesis statement for a definition essay. This can be arranged in the way the writer wants to discuss the aspects. The purpose of the closing statement in an introduction essay is to emphasize what will follow after a background has been provided.

State Your Point for Definition Essay

You have something that you want to tell your readers. Speak of it candidly in your definition essay. Let your readers know your claim very vividly. Let them understand the significant point you are putting across through your thesis statement. This point should not be too broad to comprehend, but it should be narrow and particular. Because you want to make an argument against a specific observation, make the readers understand your intention and join you as they read it either by critiquing or justifying it. It does not matter how you will mount the argument, but the key thing to remember is to have a clear position as the writer.

How Long Do I Want My Introduction Essay?

If you ever thought that the length of the thesis statement for a definition essay or the length of the introduction essay does not matter, then you are dead wrong. In as much as it is never stated, the length is an essential consideration because it will determine if the readers will read the article or not. Furthermore, the length is also dependent on the number of pages you are writing, therefore, people would not expect a sixty-page document to have a quarter page introduction or a two sentence thesis statement for a definition essay.


With the useful writing tips provided, you can now go ahead and write a definition essay, which is a valuable document for introducing a concept to the readers. With mistakes identified and corrections made, you have mostly mastered how to write introduction for your essay. Write it down and then continue to the next step. It is now the time to put your article to paper.

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