Incarcerated Thesis Statement

Incarcerated Thesis Statement

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2.2 million Men and women are incarcerated and among these, 95% of the incarcerated individuals are released to go back home to their families, either through parole, presidential pardon or they’ve finished serving their prison sentence. This year, approximately 600, 000 thousand will be returning back to their mother communities, and out of these population returning back to the society, 2 out of 3 will be rearrested ad this leaves 2.7 million children a parent in prison. Picture this situation and ask yourself what ought to be done?

In the past four decades, the penal population has quadrupled and this has been due to the increased crime rates and the political crisis that was there in the 1980s but has so far reduced. The increased in levels of crime prompted the US government to increase the sentencing time and make it hard for prisoners to be issued parole. Mass incarceration ensued and this is what has contributed to the increased prison population. The greatest worry, however, is most of the victims of incarceration are mainly the blacks and Hispanics, many would say this is racial discrimination in action, well, we wouldn’t beg to differ either.

The big question is, what can be done to reduce the penal population or better yet reduce the crime rate and control mass incarceration.

Crafting the Paper

You’ll come across thesis statements in your stay in college when you are handling research papers and essays, however, for some students the find it hard to sit down, think through and finally settle for a prepared thesis statement. We’ve gone an extra mile to fetch and sieve the essential information to help students, useful tips that should aid in gaining a better understanding of what you’re required to do and hence provide you a better opportunity of doing well in your incarcerated assignment. What are you needed to know? You need to know at least everything there is to know, however for this article we’ve narrowed down our focus to the most basic information that you can’t survive minus.

  • Do Proper Research

Are you confident enough with what you’ve gathered that you can be in a position to present it to an audience without being tentative in any manner? Well, if you’re not, then it’s about time you do some research on incarcerated and secure your assignment. Of note, never allow emotions to get the better of you; they mostly result in distorting the information you initially purposed to share with your readers.

Detailed research is the initial step towards a writer composing a thesis statement for incarcerated. Be well aware of the situation you’re handling, and only then will you be able to share the knowledge with others. The research can be based on books, previously published articles on incarceration, and you can also rely on the web, not forgetting that you need to stick to relevance and know what’s suitable for your audience.

Once you have ideas, go for formulated statements about incarcerated that will be easy to support. Be it supportive or opposing thesis statement about incarcerated.

  • Take a Defensive Angle

Remember, you’re not just writing, but you’re writing to convince. In the statements about incarcerated, you made clear how you think of the subject in question and the side you took on the matter. Be it an informative or persuasive role, and the end game is for your readers to be satisfied and confident that the information presented to them is substantial. An excellent way to ensure you effectively achieve this is to do thorough research and settle for shreds of evidence that will shoulder the mentioned claims.

You are required to show that what you’re writing about is the case and that if only individuals could embrace it, and then it would offer solutions to a few of the issues facing incarcerated. The information sources also matter the most. Be it either a primary or secondary source of information. It ought to have been credited as a substantial source that can be relied on.

Craft an Outline

Just as you would with other writings in the higher learning docket requiring a writer to create an outline as preparatory to the writing process, thesis statement for incarcerated texts outline is as well a significant concern that writers need to tackle. However, for this outline, you’d notice that it’s more direct; the catch for a writer is to be aware of what needs to be discussed on and how it should be done. Once you grasp this concept, the outline will function as a guide to your writing. For assistance with the thesis statement for incarceration outline, consider the following elements for your incarcerated text;

  • Appeal to your audience’s needs. What’s more important to the reader that you, as a writer, need to address to best win their hearts? Once you familiarize yourself with this and once you’re well aware of what to put across to your readers, prey on that.
  • The stand you took should be well pronounced and put across in the most convincing way possible.
  • The incarcerated paper is based on two objecting angles; one is opposing, and the other is supporting. A good writer should try hard to address both views and in the process, be able to show the readers the winning side. With this, try making your most preferred view the winning one with stronger points.
  • Make your audience come to terms with the fact that you’re presenting an opinion which is the best and they shouldn’t second guess it. This requires much of being persuasive with your words and pieces of evidence in your paper based on what you’ll declare in your thesis statement about incarcerated.

The above are some little information on some of the tricks you can use to make it happen for you, stick to them, and you sure shall win. Take your time to read more on the several examples available to find out what you might have missed.

Preferable Thesis Statement Styles

Having given you the above information, at least you’re not that bad when it comes to formulating an incarcerated thesis, leave alone make it strong enough. Let’s go to the next section and get you the thesis statement writing styles that have proven to be effective over time you could apply in the thesis statement.

To begin with, it would be better to start with the one which is more common in most writings. You could even find this style being used in high schools and other lower class for it’s easy to go around it. This type of thesis about incarcerated is one that involves coming up lists of some of the issues a writer is going to address in the paper. Most writers do not exceed six points, going past this would mean a long incarcerated paper, and that is not the case with the type of writing style. When it comes to such a listing incarcerated thesis, you ought to be on the lookout for the required word count. This can as well help you gauge the number of issues you’d wish to list and discuss on and how heavy the paper would be. Of note, thesis statement on incarcerated that involves registering not always common in colleges, actually chances is you might never even come across it. But you could use such information to educate your siblings back at home.

Let’s move forward to the style of thesis statement for incarcerated writing, which is more common in your set up. This one doesn’t require you to come up with lists, but it’s slightly more objective than the other ones. It all comes down to the instructions; what does the instructor expect of you. This type of style mainly revolves around the arguments you are looking to pose. The first call would be to do extensive research on the incarcerated subject in question. You could as well go ahead and go through some of the previous works on the same, maybe publications, debates, and the current state of the incarcerated situation. Such will open your mind to approaches that are more targeted and winning.

You are to formulate a thesis statement about incarcerated that will sustain a discussion for the whole paper and at the end of it all still get you top marks. Beware of the length of the, and this should help with coaching your thesis statement for incarcerated in such a manner as it would give you room to meet the instructor’s length of the paper. If not enough, it would be a good idea if you seek clarifications from your lecturer, at times all a writer needs is just a little clarity and they are good to go.


Schools are now embracing the social aspect of persuasion in college papers as part of assessing your research and presentation skill. What you go through in your day-to-day activities. It’s for this reason that they use the academic approach to come up with criteria of gauging some of the student’s social skills. The most common one being the element of persuasion; how best can you convince other people through writing? Something to do with a belief is that you have actually to prove something to someone; just a mere making claims and giving opinions wouldn’t count.

From where you stand can you be able to come up with different ideas from different topics assigned to you, do proper and extensive research and at the end of it all come up with presenting a project that will win the minds of many? This will be a step into getting the whole concept of what thesis statements are. Thesis statements for research papers are all about the assessment of skills about research and information presentation. You have the information with you, and now the great challenge comes in when you’re set to present them, how can you do this. Some writers have something beautiful to share with their readers, but they lack the skill to give it, and this spoils everything. We ought to borrow this sufficient skill from our daily activities, only this time around do it in written form.

Quick Hacks

Coming up with the best statements about incarcerated is not a walk in the park as it might sound; it requires one actually to make lots of considerations before doing something. You have a brain, make use of it. Think through some of the possible ideas before settling for them. Once issued with the assignment do not rush to first work on the thesis statement for incarcerated, but first, consider other things. At the end of it, conclude with an account you’re confident enough to present. Just after you’ve done all the expected research that you will need to support your thesis statement about incarcerated is when you can now work on it. To help you out, here are some considerations to make;

  • Create a forum for discussions on the thesis about incarcerated
  • Carry out extensive researches on the subject and go further to gather all the necessary back up information that you’ll need for your thesis statement about incarcerated presentation. Arrange them well
  • What are some of links and ties between the researches you’ve undertaken?
  • Look out for the relevant information and staying logical always. This can be of great importance to the outcome of the incarcerated thesis statement


So far, so good! Are you still having a hard time with your thesis statement for incarcerated? Well, don’t you give up with the search for what will answer all the questions you have in mind. Just remember the length of the paper should help with coaching your thesis statement for incarcerated in such a manner as it would give you room to meet the instructor’s measure of the document and if not enough, it would be a good idea if you seek clarity from your lecturer, at times all a writer needs is just a little clarity and they are good to go. Practice this, and you’re on the road to being a professional thesis writer.

What more could you possibly wish to know about thesis statement writing?

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