Military Base Essay

Military Base Essay

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Introduction to Essay about Military Base

The borders of the countries and its people are well protected by a military organization that is legally recognized by the law. If the world was not organized around some combative force in the name of military then we would have chaos all over. Of importance is that military activities and events are recorded for future reference and as lessons that the force can learn from. Within the military academies, there are libraries and sections that are just set aside for the cadets to learn something from. Similarly, military base essay examples are also stored for future reference within the military precincts.

When calamities such as earthquake tornados, cyclones, hurricanes, flooding, drought and terrorism befell a country, it is the military that comes to the aid of the people affected by offering basic services as part of their duty. An article to this effect would be very good because it will not only recognize the good work of the military but also remind the readers about how the country has dealt with its past. The main point is that lessons are learned from such occurrences to the advantage of the nation thus making it develop preventive measures that keep it safe.

When writing a military base essay, the process is just as similar to other essays because the basic consideration stays with topic choice, structure and thesis statement. Moreover, it is imperative to realize that a military base essay topic should be relevant consistent with the military practice in terms of how military information is given out to the public. The facts should not be stretched but instead, all the information must be factual and realistic. To achieve the writer’s objective of feeding the public or readers with information that is not false, the topic must be good, specific, measurable, accurate, and timely (SMART).

Elements of Military Base Essay Topics

  • The topic must be interesting
  • The topic must be short
  • The topic must be contained within military-related issues; in other words, the topic should not be about everything or anything thus failing to highlight the most important issues that affect the military life.
  • The topic must be valid and relevant. The invalidity in this sense is about the timeliness of the message. A good topic takes into account the best time to give out information. When writing a military base essay check against other military base essay examples to generate a good topic that respects time and relevancy in terms of the period because military information in most cases is classified and should be treated with a lot of caution.

The Following Are Some of the Military Base Essay Topics:

  • American Civil War
  • The Holocaust
  • World War One
  • World War Two
  • War In Vietnam
  • The Iraqi Versus America War
  • The Consequences Of America’s Involvement In The Second Worlds War
  • The Life Of A Cadet In The US Military Academy
  • Biological Warfare And The Consequences Of War In Iraq

Creating a Military Base Essay Thesis Statement

Now that a topic has been established for the essay, it is important to create a thesis statement that is interesting. This is your personal position with regards to the topic as a writer. A thesis statement serves to tell your readers the purpose of the paper in addition to engaging them. For a military base argumentative essay, the claim or the thesis statement must be engaging enough and calling for the readers to critically have a look at it so that they can evaluate it at the end of the paper to ascertain whether the purpose has been achieved or not.

The structure of a thesis statement for essay for military base should be such that the sentence is not ambiguous but very clear but argumentative at the same time. When, let’s say, the writer claims that the war in Vietnam was lost by the American military because of the factors such as bad weather and terrain, the writer must in his or her thesis statement prove this claim in the body of the text. The readers will look for evidence and arguments in the body that prove the writer’s position.

The Outline of a Military Base Essay

Military base essay outline is basically a prewriting document that shows the organization of the essay and how it will look like once the final document is done. It is important to create an outline so that you will focus on the major areas as they appear in the outline when finally writing the document. Some learning institutions demand that this prewritten piece be presented in advance and will be graded as well. An outline is expected to be just as good so that it will not mislead the writer. The main topics that the writer intends to cover in the final paper should appear in the outline. The outline should have an introductory paragraph, a body, and the summary part. With each part mentioned having the serving the general purpose which is to pass new information to the readers. The outline should have points in the form of a list and a thesis statement in the first paragraph.

Drafting the First Essay about Military Base

With the military base essay outline ready, the actual writing process can now begin. Remember that the document shall be revised severally before the final one can be attained. In that case, it is advised that you consider coming up with your first draft. Of course, this draft will also have the main points and ideas, and for that reason, you should not treat it casually. Give it all in terms of your time and energy. Put your best skills in creating a draft document that is just as good as the final document. More so, the first draft will give you the overall idea of the document in addition to presenting you with areas of weakness that you might consider changing or reformulating.

The Final Military Base Essay Writing

The Introduction

This part should have sentences that are introducing not only the topic but are telling the readers about the purpose of the article. An introduction of an essay for military is also SMART and bears a statement of the thesis. The introductory paragraph can be around ten lines and should not contain unnecessary information. In this section, tell the readers what they will be reading about and how the topic is important to them. Base the argument on a claim of your own and be as authentic as possible so that your credibility as a writer cannot be put into disrepute.

The Body of a Military Base Essay

Military base argumentative essay’s body should be to emphasize on the thesis statement. It should have supportive information in it and must tell the readers the relationship between the statement of the thesis and the entire document including the topic. This is important because a detachment of the segments of your article will only bring about a lot of confusion to the readers instead of helping them to understand your viewpoint which in the first place was your intention for arguing in a certain manner.

The body paragraphs should have unique but relevant ideas which do not contrast the whole document. In other words, consistency is the key to projecting your thoughts to the readers. The sentence structure for each paragraph should be entertaining and informing at the same time. Remember to apply the font size that is readable and the spacing should be not straining to the eye of the reader. These small details are also applicable to other parts of the essay. Essay about military base whose body paragraphs are not well formatted will not attract the attention of the reader. The good news is that the learning institution in most cases will give the details for formatting and the acceptable style to use when undertaking military base essay writing.

The Conclusion of an Essay about Military Base

Essay about military base is concluded with equally exciting information. The purpose of writing a summary is to tell the readers what you have told them in a short paragraph and to remind them of your purpose. Given that a lot of information has been given in the body, you should not be too wordy and fail to tell them exactly what you have been talking about all along. This section should restate your position as the writer and this is the claim statement. The concluding paragraph should also be a single paragraph. Remember that you want the readers to act on your claim or to take home something important that has been provided for by the article. Ask yourself if the purpose has been well projected if the topic was well explained if the readers have heard enough of what they should. This will give you a good idea about this closing paragraph. Remember it is short and should only contain important information.

Military Base Essay Examples

It was difficult for the American military to cope up with the challenges in Vietnam and that could be attributed to the defeat that they had. The resilience by the northern Vietnam forces proved too much for the military including the terrain. The weather conditions were not also favorable for the military. It can, however, be stated that the US military learned a lot of lessons from that war as it is told by the survivors. Not only is the united states of America’s Army much stronger and the best in the world, but today, it is so organized and well equipped to cope up with any challenge that there might be.

As the people of the United States of America reflect on the past, they remember the brevity of the soldiers who fought at the Vietnam War and the pride it brought to the country despite the myriad challenges they had. It cannot be forgotten that not only were great sacrifices made but lives were also lost in the course of that war.

Unlike the recent battles fought by the military such as the Iraqi war, the northern Vietnamese war was so complex and it can be claimed that some bad decisions were made by then. Not only did many of the soldiers succumbed to booby-traps set in the vast Vietnamese forests which was not so well known by the American. The general feeling after the war was that The US army should have done more research to understand the treacherous Vietnamese terrains if the army wanted to avoid the damages including the fatalities suffered. Today, the Vietnamese war is counted as one of the major defeats suffered in the war history of the great United States of America.

A lot of lessons were learned in the war which left a lot maimed and families with lose. Lack of unpreparedness and the difficult terrain among other things were responsible for the defeat. However, the American pride was lifted higher given that even in the face of the defeat, American Soldiers came back home and prepared well handing their nemesis a resounding defeat in the second encounter.

In Conclusion

Essay about military base should also serve as a restatement of a viewpoint of the writer. The paragraph can be one or two but not more. It should also be as interesting just as the rest of the paragraphs of the paper in the main body and the introduction. Before presenting the final paper that has been written, rereading helps the reader to check out for spelling mistakes and errors that might have arisen during the course of writing, therefore, it should be done.

Military base essay writings are available in the libraries for you to read and come up with interesting facts for your document. Having high grades should not be the sole objective when writing a military base argumentative essay the desire to inform the readers about some events that they need to know about. Everything about a military base essay has been discussed in this paper, therefore, you should not find it difficult to write on interesting military base essay topics.

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