University Education Essay

University Education Essay

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This university education essay example will precisely discuss higher education in the United States in regards to diversity, access and the role of the marketplace. As a university education, argumentative essay most of the issues discussed will revolve around pertinent issues employers are raising in regards to graduates released in the job market. American education is considered as one of the best in the world. Compared to other universities globally its universities have the most lucrative degree programs.

To achieve such status the National Department of Education has continually established strong structures which protect the quality of education offered in the universities. I will continue my university education essay writing with a discussion of private and public universities.

Both private and public universities are committed to offering quality education and give more students to opportunity to learn in their institutions. Most of higher education institutions in US have different fee structures but the difference is not huge. The cost of degree program depends with the degree you intend to pursue. For example, lucrative degrees like medicine, neurosurgeon, and engineering cost more compared to other degrees offered in the same universities. In this university education argumentative essay we will analyze some key data.

Key Data

The National Department of Education in the US is responsible for setting guidelines relating to general education policy. NDE collects data, awards subsidies, and scholarships but it has limited influence on the content, learning outcomes and quality of education. Powers to deal with such issues is given to individual states but the states partially are responsible for higher education policies. University education essay topics are not often discussed by politicians during their campaigns.

In the United States, there are over 4000 higher education public and private institutions. Higher education course applicant must understand that the fact that a university is public or private, there is no guarantee of quality on programs offered. The only difference between universities and college is that a university offers both graduate and undergraduate programs. The colleges only offer undergraduate programs.

Admission To Higher Education

American higher education institutions have large variations in level and qualities. For example, each university has a different entrance requirement and the requirement is characterized by the degree of selectivity applied by the student. Contrary, low spectrum universities have open admission policy selection criteria. Such institutions generally accept all students who apply as long as they have a high school or GED Diploma and over the age of 18 years.

High spectrum offers a small number of selective institutions that a student can select. The selection criteria involve the level, program content, and student’s performance during the last 4 years of high school. SATs and other entrance are also considered during selection, if a student has been active in extra-curricular activities or he has evidence of leadership qualities and other letters of recommendation the university considers him or her for degree course applied.

Most American Universities lie between the two extremes. It is important for students to note that the selectivity of individual institution selection criterion does not determine the institution’s degree course’s quality. Times, the selection process can take place during the degree program or during the admission process. For instance, an institution can have an open doors policy but have a small number of students obtaining a diploma. It depends on a student’s determination to attain the best grades for him or her to proceed the next step.

The American university/higher education system is characterized by inclusiveness. Anyone who wishes or desires to undertake any higher education course can do so. The education system has made it possible for everybody with a high school diploma to qualify to undertake any program offered by universities. In addition, the status at which the decision is derived from the fact someone has completed his or her higher education but rather at which institution and at which level.

As per certificates acquired, there is no strict distinction between higher professional and academic education. In one institution, the two programs can be combined in a degree program. Bachelor students are given an opportunity to choose from a variety of electives. This means that professionally-oriented majors can be supplemented by subjects of a more academic nature and vice versa. This university education essay outlines degrees offered and their levels. 

Higher Education Degrees

United States education has no major difference between academic education and higher professional education. In a summary provided in this essay for university education, will discuss most commonly awarded degrees. The degrees can be both attained in either type of education.

Associate Degree

The Associate degree is a two-year program is specifically offered by junior colleges or community colleges. Contrary, in universities, the degree can take four years. To have an Associate degree there are two types that help you. One of them is predominantly vocationally- oriented programs. The programs help in preparing a student for immediate employment. The other program is the transfer program. This program can be either vocational or general in nature but must have enough liberal arts subjects. Liberal art subjects include English, Science, Social Sciences and others. The subjects allow a student transfer to the third year of a bachelor’s program only after he or she has obtained his or her associate’s degree.

Generally, the name of the associate degree program often is followed by an indication which specifies if you are doing art or science program. For science program, other degree’s name should be Associate in Science (AS) while for arts program should be Associate Arts (AA). The next issue in my essay about university education is Bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s Degree

A student is awarded a bachelor’s degree after four years in college or university. The undergraduate program is normally expressed in a minimum number of credits. Bachelor’s degree program consists of general subjects like liberal arts and electives. The electives may not be related to the major. The degree is characterized by progression from a broad perspective to increased specialization. Four years of liberal arts are not an uncommon scenario.

Fourth-year students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in some institutions must take a methodology and a complete research project or bachelor’s thesis. The duration can be longer with few months if an internship is part of the program. As soon as you reach the required credits, you are awarded a bachelor’s degree certificate. The certificate comes with a prescribed division as per to level and content. In this course, there is no final exam. Just like the associate degree, the name of the degree is followed by indication if it art or science. For example, if you have been awarded an arts degree program your degree will be Bachelor of Arts (BA) and for science program, your degree will be Bachelor Science (BS or BSC). Majority of American bachelor’s programs in terms of contents are partially comparable in many other countries. This means that an American Bachelor degree holder can work at any place in the world. The Bachelor degree program is designed in a manner that helps the holder not to limit himself or herself in the American job market. My essay for university education will now go to the advanced degrees.

Master’s Degree, Doctor Of Philosophy (Phd) & Advanced Degree

After you have completed your bachelor’s degree you then pursue, master’s degree then doctor of philosophy and finally advanced degree. These degrees are highly valued in our society because individuals who have pursued them get high salaries. In addition, prestige comes after being honored with degrees. For example, an individual who has PhD in STEM related subjects; he or she is likely to earn much compared to a person with degree in arts. I will now continue this university education argumentative essay with the issue of graduates.

Are The Graduates Ready For The Job Market?

This university education essay example will point out key issues employers are raising in regrads to university graduates. Graduates are spending a lot of yours in lecture halls only to discover once they have landed to the job are not fit to deliver services as expected. Career experts advise students to first to have careful study finding mission on the career they choose. One of the best ways to determine if they are entering the right field is to have a chart with potential employers about the position. Such a move will help them know their potential employer’s expectations. It is sad that universities are not providing students with these resources. This will help the students to determine if the career suits them prior to graduating.

Many employers of late have raised concern on how the universities are preparing graduates for the job market. The global job market is dynamic and the universities must progressively update their learning experiences they are exposing their students. Most employers have said that graduates are simply not good enough and they do not meet their expectations. Employers are spending more than $5,000 to retrain graduates before absorbing them in their workforce. The harsh reality revealed in this essay about university education is that the graduates have done nothing wrong but the universities are the one to blame. The problem is not in the US alone but across the world. Recruiting companies blame the changing societal needs. Many of the solutions which worked yesterday today are thing of the past because problems and needs are dynamic.

One of the reasons why graduates are not doing well in the field is because they spend a lot of time being lectured. Much time is spent to acquire the much-needed experience on what they are taught. Universities are been advised to incorporate hands-on training strategies into the curriculum. Hands-on training helps to better to prepare students to meet employers both job and employers demands expectations and demands respectively.

Out-Dated Training

This university education essay writing will deeply explain the kind of material taught in some universities. Recruitment expert claim that the kind of content taught and advice is given in our universities is outdated. For example, the marketing sector is always changing especially in regards to tactics. Also, the technology sector in terms of innovation is dynamic. Students must be taught on what is really happening right now in the marketing and advertising sector because the approach is changing. To fit in the diverse and be able to adapt the dynamic market you must be highly creative and flexible in regards to decision making.

Job Market Trends

Current time training helps students to arm themselves with techniques, skills, and strategies which fit the preferred job market trends. To achieve that a student must prepare for the changes happening right now and be able to predict possible and relevant changes for the future. Employers today are looking for innovative and creative employees. Only innovative employees can stand job market tides. The ability to adapt prevents employee’s skills from becoming absolute along with his or her career.

The other approach graduates should take especially those in marketing is to utilize and measure marketing strategies. Fresh graduates are experiencing a difficult time entering marketing. For a university graduate to excel in his or her career, he or she needs to learn how to handle change in order to effectively excel in the task assigned to them. For example, an employee is a marketer; he or she must be able to utilize the correct marketing strategies to evaluate if he or she is excelling or failing. Universities teach students how to implement their strategy but fail to teach them how to monitor their performance to make necessary adjustments if there is a need to achieve a successful campaign.

Communication Skills

University graduate is lacking communication skills. Have you ever met a person with a good idea but he or she cannot explain it? Without proper communication skills, it is impossible to sell your product. No one is ready to waste his time listening to you but if you can articulate your ideas well, you will sell more. Most of university education essay topics so far published insist on the importance of communication skills in university curriculum.

Employers demand that communication skills must be a requirement for any degree in our universities. It does not matter how sharp or great a university graduate is, if he or she cannot explain himself or herself there is a big problem. In any job, written communication skills are important. When it comes to explaining your idea, proper grammar and spelling spices up your overall communication. In addition, verbal communication boosts your presentation skills. With bad presentation skills, you can kill your idea.


Many universities have started reconstructing their university degree programs. Employees have welcomed the move but the recommend adaptation of full-service education. They attest the approach will help graduate find successful jobs since they will be fully prepared to serve the job market. Universities cannot throw graduates to wolves and assume that they will figure out how to land in a good job and be successful.

This university education essay example proposes that the government and other stakeholders must have a round table consultation to come up with a suitable curriculum that will not only satisfy employers’ need but also solve the emerging issues. Universities should train researchers, innovators, and strategists to solve global emerging issues. It is a shame it is not happening and yet universities are releasing thousands of graduates to the job market.


This university education essay outline is a great starting point for anyone researching the issue of higher education. Universities are expected to come up with solutions which aid the society. For example, drugs and medical procedures are developed through the help of early research in universities. Professors spent decades researching and conducting tests to provide lasting solutions. This is the reason why governments must increase funds to research programs. Research programmes demand commitment and consistence from involved parties. Unless the government provides full funding on STEM related degrees, research programmes will eventually lack personnel to continue the former had started.

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