Child Safety Essay Example

Child Safety Essay Example

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There are several kinds of essays one could write about, but there are few consequential types that needs proper consideration. The main importance of an essay is to reach the audience, and communicate without actually having to see them. That is why, a child safety essay is directed to parents who are the audience.

To make a successful essay about child safety, all you have to do is act like you are having a real conversation with the parents or guardians. This makes things even easier for you because you know what to say and how to say it. What most people find difficult in writing essays become easy for you because you have an idea on what to write about.

What Is Child Safety?

Child safety is the job of protecting kids. This falls to caregivers and parents, and it is their responsability to familiarize themselves with the all kinds of safety risks in and around their communities and homes. Your essay could be about one of these topics we mentioned below.

  • Teen Driving
  • Water Safety
  • Child Passenger Safety
  • Child Proofing
  • Lead Poisoning
  • Safety at School
  • Playground Safety
  • Concussions
  • Medicines
  • Window Safety
  • Staying Safe Outdoors

Before starting to write your assignment, make sure you understand what is your goal. Are you writing about toddlers or teens? Pick one of the topics we mentioned and imagine what is the journey of your character. Are you writing for parents and caregivers? Who do you want to convince?

Outline Of An Essay For Child Safety

A child safety essay writing has a specific outline even though they follow the same pattern of most common types of essays, i.e., Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Below is the child safety essay outline in order to construct a perfect child essay.

Choose A Topic

The first thing anyone who loves writing does is to pick a convenient topic he or she is convenient with. Try one of the topics we outlined just a few moments who. It must be a topic that is familiar, relatable, so he or she can communicate effectively with the audience. There are many child safety essay topics to choose from; one may be relating to health, others could be directed to academics, and another to the home. It all varies, and depends on what you are great at writing. If you are someone whose forte is about health, having an essay for child safety as regard health will be interesting and easy for you. However, you must pick an easy to read topic, one that is easily assimilable, so that, your audience won’t have issues trying to understand what you are saying. All this is important to consider because it determines what the content of the essay tells about child safety.

Make Proper Research

After deciding on a topic, the next thing you should do is make proper research and get your facts right. The topic is a guide on what to write, and it can be done in so many ways. One way is consulting online articles, knowing there are lots of them which are in different categories. There is definitely something available to guide you through your topic. Another way is by reading books; this is a way of not limiting your mind. Generally, books give enough information with a form of author-to-writer relationship. Remember, you haven’t started penning down what you want to write about, just research for facts and figures. People underestimate the power of research, but it should be known that no writer delves into writing without making research on the topic from different sources first using any medium. However, if you are making an essay for child safety, it is good if you consult more than one source during your research.

Construct Body In A Simple Tone

Making research then leads you to do another thing, and that is the construction of the body or content. Anyone can write, but what differentiate writers is the ability to structure ideas in a more organized manner. Often, the three parts of writing include; the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction consists of what people are to expect from the article with a brief or concise detail about what you are about to write. Sometimes, it should come with phrases that introduce people to the body. The body on the other end, contains the entire information about the topic. They are divided into paragraphs with each of them having a topic sentence and subordinate sentences; even bullet points are added. Lastly, it ends with a conclusion which is the summary of what has been writing with final remarks or advice.

However, there are important things to consider in the body. It should be in a simple, plain or friendly tone knowing you are writing an essay about child safety. This is because you want your audience (parents) to understand your point and how crucial it is at the same time. This also applies to a child safety argumentative essay where you hold your grounds or points in a friendly manner. Make your points, and end well with people understanding your perspective on the topic.

Check Grammar

One thing every good writer doesn’t want to make are mistakes. Although, they are unavoidable, it is still great if you can do something about the grammar or sentence constructions. Grammar adds the special effect to the whole thing you have written, and if it doesn’t make sense, then the content is flawed. That is why, it is always good to check before you make any move. Use appropriate words that can be easily understood. While you are mindful of the words you use, your punctuations, and how you reference from other sites to avoid blind-lifting is also important. Now, it is not a big deal if you are not competent enough to check them, especially in child safety essay writing, you can seek the help of a friend that understands, or a professional, or a better still, use online platforms like Grammarly. These online platforms may not be right sometimes, but at least, they can do their job to some point and leave the rest for you to figure out.

Review and Deliver

When you are done writing your essay, what is next for you to do is a final review and then delivery. Proofread what you have written, whether it makes sense or not. This is the final chance to go through what you have written, to spot on errors, and ensure you have covered what you are meant too. If you are not satisfied, it is good for you to pause a little bit on submission or delivery. Also, take a look at your paragraphs, are they properly organized? If after all these, you are confident about the quality of your child safety essay, then you can submit.

What Are The Topics You Can Write On Child Safety?

After a detailed explanation on how a child safety essay outline should be, it will be nice if you are introduced to some of the few child safety essay examples. Below are the topics you can write on;

Home Safety Topics

Children spend more time at home more than any place. In fact, they run the risk of facing challenges the most at home, and that is why thorough supervision of both parents or guardian is advised. Here, as a writer, you are to draw topics from several events that happen in the home, and not anywhere else.

This information has to be well detailed, so that you don’t leave your scope. To help you through this, there are several home safety topics online that can help you communicate easily. As a matter of fact, you can talk about the importance and dangers of a swimming pool for kids, areas that should be accessible or not, appliances that should be restricted to children. Basically, your target is to make sure anything that can cause harm at home is avoided; and what better way is there to keep readers informed than choosing a good essay to write about child safety. Your topic goes a long way to save lives.

For example, you can have topics on home safety tips with a content like: “Children may get hurt from different activities in the home, and it takes the supervision of an adult to make sure this is prevented. Below are tips to practice safety at home; …”

School Safety Topics

Another place a child wants to be is the school. Having an education is an important phase of childhood, and while they could be involved in several activities, safety is paramount too. There are several people who are saddled with the responsibility of taking care of these kids, asides their parents and guardians. As a writer who is interested in an essay about child safety, there is a lot to talk about. You can pick different topics of your choice that is targeted towards academic institutions and child safety at the same time.

In your essay, you can ask questions such as; “what are the responsibilities of both teachers and parents?” “what is the safety measure the school administration take for every student?” These questions will tell you what your topic is about. In addition, to elaborate your essay, you can cite examples or incidences that has happened in a school you are familiar with, or just create something out of your imagination for people to think about. Later on, proffer solutions or suggestions to what can be done in that regard.

Health Safety Topics

In health safety topics, it is very easy to come up with strong but nice child safety argumentative essay. Doing this, that means you have to draw points from two contrasting sides, and finally win over the argument with the side you are interested in. In your essay, make sure you have all your facts and figures clearly expressed because you don’t want to get tangled up in an argument and eventually getting confused on what side to support. Make sure the side you are on has the strongest points. For health child safety essay example, you can try out something like: “Are junks healthy for children or not?”

For instance, you pick the side where junks are healthy for kids, you can tell your audience the importance of junks in the body, and why it is great for the body. Now, trust the contrary side to come up with countering opinions, you should have stronger points to make them weak. Mention the ease with getting junks especially when kids are running late for school or the fact that sugar makes them active in different ways. However, as a writer, you can source for more info online from other writers who have agreed to the fact junks are healthy for the body.

Outdoor Safety Topics

Going outdoor has a lot of dangers to kids than any other way aforementioned. Outdoor activities like going to the park, on vacations, trips, or even outside the house, there are chances that a child will get hurt. There is a lot for you to mention as a writer because there are different case scenarios. In fact, you can mention in your essay of cases where kids are being kidnapped by strangers, and the need to be more safety and security conscious to avoid dilemmas.

This is even the most interesting child safety essay writing you may ever try out because you can easily look within your environment and draw out points without having to source for information online. In that same vein, you can relate experiences you have had in the past for people to understand your perspective. Therefore, you can choose to write topics such as Ways to avoid children getting hurt while on a playground or Rules that needs to be followed when kids are playing outside. In this essay, you should make great bullet points and explain each of the ways or rules in a simple and concise manner.

Safety Tips

Of all topics you can ever write on child safety, this is the easiest because there are many things you can write about. It doesn’t require too much stress, as you can choose to write about health, school, home, outdoor activities, etc. Here, are some child safety essay examples on safety tips; Tips on how to keep your child safe at home, Tips on how to prevent domestic hazards that can be caused by kids, Tips to ensure safety at home at all times, Tips to ensure safety while on the playground, etc.

There are still so much to write about, but these above are the few examples a writer can choose to write on. Now, you can either look into your environment for ideas, or points, or better still check online for ideas and re-write in your own words. However, make sure it is something real and not out of the abstract because no one will want to practice what they don’t believe in. Put your suggestions plain and simple without compromising the quality of your essay.


Having a child safety essay example is enough to make you a great writer of your own, if you follow the steps taken or outline to make that possible. It is not easy to be a great writer, especially on topics like this when you have to orientate parents on what to do for their children. Also, different child safety topics have been described above, and it will be nice if you considered any of them while writing. With the detailed information in this article, you can make a successful write-up that people would love to read.

In conclusion, always make sure your child safety essay topics are relatable, easy to read and understand, because that is the basis of how your content and conclusion will look like.

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