Writing the Best Cover Letter to Get Hired

Writing the Best Cover Letter to Get Hired

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Writing a good cover letter is important for applicants because this piece of document supports your resume as well as most employers require this. It’s what directs the attention of employers to your resume. A good cover letter also increases your chances of getting hired. So, if you want to write the best cover letter, take the time to know what to do and what not to do to get positive results.

Cover letter writing do’s

  • Explain why you want the job. The main thing you should include in your cover letter is the reason why you chose the job. State the benefits of this job to you compared to other types of jobs and be honest about your reasons.
  • Tell how much you know about the job and the company. Another thing that makes up a good cover letter is when you state everything you know about the job and the company. This supports your reason why you want the job. It is a plus to employers to know that you know what you are going into.
  • Discuss why you are a good candidate for the job. The next important thing you need to include is a discussion about your skills and other things that make you the best candidate for the job. It doesn’t matter whether you lack the criteria as long as you can explain well, why you can be the best bet.
  • Mention other important, yet unclear matter in your resume. There may be details in your resume that need more explanation. For instance, dates that don’t match, required qualifications that you do not have, etc. This is your time to explain them.

Cover letter writing don’ts

  • Overconfidence. Do not be overconfident in explaining your skills and capabilities in your cover letter such as saying that you are the only candidate they need. You are not writing the paper to brag, but to tell the truth about yourself.
  • Too good to be true information. Don’t write cover letter that’s overflowing with adjectives about you. Remember, this document is not only about you, but about the job and the company. Putting too many adjectives about you can result in unbelievable information.
  • Copying information about the company. When it comes to stating what you know about the company, do not just copy information online and paste it on your cover letter. It will be called plagiarized content already and shows how ignorant you really are about the company. Instead, before writing the letter, make sure you have researched about the company so that you can have knowledge enough to explain it on your paper.
  • Long, boring narration. The best cover letter need not be very long and boring. It can be brief but complete and all information stated are true and correct.
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Writing the best cover letter

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