110+ Expository Essay Topics

110+ Expository Essay Topics

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An expository essay is just like any essay: it contains a thesis and three different parts – introduction, body, and conclusion.

A thesis is a single sentence that contains the entirety of your paper. It can be anything, even expository essay topics below can act as a thesis. What a thesis cannot be is your personal belief. Be it religion or otherwise, you should not use it in an essay.

Writing these types of essays is imperative for everyone, not just students. It helps direct your thoughts in a more constructive form, not only on paper but in your daily life as well. Think of how impressive your resume would look with a few dozen of these papers in there to show you can construct a thought-provoking essay.

The introduction is usually a single or half a page long summary of your paper. It should have a positive tone without too much information. It can contain a hook which is a way to attract your audience. A thesis is the final sentence in your introduction.

The body is where all of your arguments go. They need to be researched and rational. The best arguments are simply written and short. Don’t jam in smart words just because they sound academic. If you can use a simple, use it. The body of the essay will have more information about your main topic combined with your evidence as to why you think your research is valuable.

The conclusion is the paragraph that summarizes the main topic and the most important argument(s) from the body. You restate the facts and tie the main idea to your main point.

Possible expository essay topics to choose from

Here are some good expository essay topics that can guide you on your way. These are only optional: your paper can focus on something completely different. Still, it doesn’t hurt to take a look and educate yourself on the full package of possibilities.

  1. Which Hogwarts House are you?
  2. What does your Hogwarts House mean for you?
  3. Did the Harry Potter books tie in with the movies?
  4. Was Albus Dumbledore a prototype for Harry’s grandfather?
  5. Was Severus Snape a tragic hero?
  6. Is Snape from Harry Potter a prototype of Macbeth?
  7. What are the most influential books in the world?
  8. How did the Bible become the most influential book of all time?
  9. How do birds fly?
  10. How do birds mate?
  11. Is it right for parents to accept your marriage?
  12. Is America a good country?
  13. What is the best place to live in Europe?
  14. Are secret kisses illegal in Middle Eastern Countries?
  15. Does makeup make a woman look older?
  16. Does smoking hurt your skin?
  17. What percentage of smokers get cancer?
  18. How to choose the perfect school?
  19. What should you graduate in to make a decent living?
  20. What are some universities that have low acceptance scores?
  21. How to get accepted into a prestigious university?
  22. Is Hogwarts a real place?
  23. What does the American flag stand for?
  24. Do we believe in aliens?
  25. Do aliens exist?
  26. Is the government hiding things from us?
  27. Why is soccer so popular?
  28. Does magic exist?
  29. Do wolves have an alpha?
  30. How do wolves mate?
  31. Are wolves endangered?
  32. How to learn to play basketball?
  33. Can you become taller with exercise?
  34. Do your clothes say anything about your personality?
  35. Are Harry Potter games good for creativity?
  36. Does Biology have anything to teach us?
  37. What are some edible mushrooms we can meet in the wild?
  38. How to recognize poisonous mushrooms?
  39. Are snakes dangerous to pet dogs?
  40. Does love only last a few years?
  41. Is love only a chemical?
  42. Foods that cause you to feel happy
  43. Is it possible to be born bilingual?
  44. What does music mean to you?
  45. Should phones be banned in public transportation?
  46. Should people who drive drunk go to jail?
  47. Should people who text and drive go to jail?
  48. Does medical marijuana treat pain?
  49. Should drugs be labeled and sold by the government?
  50. Should medical marijuana be labeled and sold?
  51. Should guns be sold in supermarkets?
  52. Should the government have better regulation over gun control?
  53. Would you consider adopting a dying child?
  54. Is animal testing necessary?
  55. Is it ok to have visible tattoos if you are a lawyer?
  56. Is it ok to have cameras in the workplace?
  57. Are cameras in public places like subways and malls an invasion of privacy?
  58. What does smoking do to your hair?
  59. Is yoga healthy?
  60. Does yoga reduce stress and help you become more spiritual?
  61. Can heterosexual men and women be friends or are they doomed to end up in bed?
  62. Can hetero and homo males be friends?
  63. Does eating sweets ruin your teeth?
  64. Does tooth decay damage your brain?
  65. Is it ok for sex to be shown on television?
  66. Is it fair that female nudity on television is acceptable, but male genitalia is banned?
  67. Does time travel exist?
  68. Do movies and TV shows teach us to be kinder?
  69. Should parenting classes become mandatory for new parents?
  70. Should parents lose guardian rights if they neglect their children?
  71. Should children be allowed to backtalk to their parents?
  72. Do parents have the right to hit their children if they misbehave?
  73. The effects of violence on children through the ages
  74. Is helicopter parenting effective?
  75. Does homework make our children smarter?
  76. Do kids get too much homework?
  77. Which parenting style is best suited for autistic children?
  78. Is it ok for parents to keep track of their children?
  79. What are the effects of pollution?
  80. Should children date before they are eighteen?
  81. Should parents mandatory vaccinate their children?
  82. How does bullying affect young children?
  83. Does taking vitamin C weaken the immune system?
  84. What is a good punishment for telling lies at a young age?
  85. Should the government do more to help children in need?
  86. Should reading become mandatory for people?
  87. Should there be a national lottery for people with a perfect track record?
  88. How has McDonald’s revolutionized the food industry?
  89. How does the Internet influence our children?
  90. Should parents limit Internet use for children below the age of sixteen?
  91. Should sexual education become mandatory in school?
  92. Should there be safe places for students suffering from anxiety or depression?
  93. Should medical care become universally free?
  94. Problems with Obamacare
  95. How music affects our dreams
  96. How being in a good relationship affects the body
  97. How being happy can make those around us less stressed?
  98. How stress makes hair fall out?
  99. How has tobacco revolutionized the music industry?
  100. Are ghosts real?
  101. What are some of the most haunted places in the world?
  102. How can traveling change your perspective on the world?
  103. Does rain help keep plants healthy?
  104. When will the alternative to diesel fuel enter circulation?
  105. How strong is the dollar?
  106. Why are children bad at math?
  107. Is physical education mandatory?
  108. Do people who work together stay together?
  109. The success of thermodynamics and what you can do to become a nuclear physicist?
  110. How do birds fly?
  111. Is it immoral to use drugs?
  112. Do bodybuilders have higher stamina then regular people?
  113. Are organic vegetables better than store purchased ones?
  114. Do video games ruin your sleep schedule?
  115. How Harry Potter became a cultural phenomenon?
  116. Is love a chemical or a feeling of the mind?
  117. With a proper diet and less stress, is it possible for everyone to live up to 100 years old?
  118. Does the American government have the right to invade foreign countries with a pretense of a peace mission?
  119. Does laundry detergent cause skin cancer and rashes in infants?
  120. What’s your favorite book in movies say about your psychological state?
  121. Is sleeping 6 hours a night more beneficial for you than the regular 8 hours? How to practice Buddhism and discover new Heights of your mentality?
  122. Do werewolves exist?
  123. If I could travel the world and backpack, stay in the forest, and survived off the land?
  124. Should parents be allowed to choose their child’s religion or is it better to wait and let them choose for themselves?
  125. What should be the punishment for persuading an old person to kill oneself?
  126. Is assisted suicide acceptable in patients who are bound to die and suffering?

After you’ve chosen suitable topics for expository essay

Yes, choosing a topic isn’t easy. There are a lot of subjects out there, with a lot of information floating everywhere. Make sure you pick topics for expository essay that can cover as many pages as you need.

The second advice is to pick something that isn’t too broad. If it is not narrowed properly then you will be in trouble. If you will be writing about animals don’t pick them as a whole but choose a particular animal that you like. For example lions. There is a lot to be said about them with millions of pages of research already done for you. This tip is especially important for college expository essay topics, as this academic level should show your research skills, not just your general wit.

When presenting your paper, sometimes it is good to have some visual aids to help you out. Like a PowerPoint presentation or pictures. Most universities and places where speeches are held have these available for anyone who needs them.

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