How To Write Abortion Thesis Statement

How To Write Abortion Thesis Statement

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Essays, research papers and other academic papers should all have a central message or main point, with the arguments written in the paper revolving around this message. This one sentence that shows your stand on the topic at hand is what we can loosely describe as a thesis statement. It identifies the issue being discussed and is on most occasions written to a targeted audience. Since it is what defines your stand about a particular topic, it should be placed in the introductory paragraph of the paper. A good thesis statement should target the following:

  • Create a direction for the paper

  • Breaks down the topic at hand to a specific point of discussion

  • Gives a guide to the writer`s conclusion

  • Shows the stand of the writer and allows room for further study.

Note that a thesis statement should not be a statement that is factual. It should be argumentative to ensure that the reader engages with the paper. The statement should take the writer`s stand then evolve into a discussion to justify the position.

Abortion can be loosely defined as the deliberate process to terminate a pregnancy before it comes to term. Abortion is arguably one of the most controversial topics in most cultures and societies since the days of old. It is an issue that can be approached from multiple aspects and angles like medical, ethical, moral, legal and religious aspects. To say the least, it is one of the societal issues that have supporters and haters in equal measure, and it is accurate to state that everyone has an opinion about abortion. There are different types of essays that can be written about abortion, and the kind of essay is what determines the kind of approach a student will take when seeking to write a thesis statement about abortion.

What Determines an Abortion Thesis Statement?

An abortion thesis statement is determined by the type of paper the writer publishes. Different types of publications require different approaches when stating the abortion thesis statement. We will go through a just few of the common types of essays and how to write a thesis statement with an example for each, in an attempt to guide writers on the direction to take when approaching this topic. Some of the types that shall be discussed below, in no specific order, include research papers, argumentative essays, expository essays, satirical essays, cause and effect essays, and persuasive essays.

  1. Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays can be described as essays where the writer has a clear stand from the beginning and attempts to coerce the target audience to take the same position with them on a particular issue. A persuasive essay is best written when the writer is a firm believer of what they are writing about, which makes it easier for them to persuade the reader. It is also critical for the writer to have a good knowledge base of the subject, else, they should try to get information from as many sources as possible. Also note, in a persuasive essay, the writer has to take a specific stand on the subject.

Abortion is a subject that has two distinct opposing sides, with little to no middle ground between the two. As such, a student writing a persuasive essay about abortion must have their facts well laid out and take one side of the divide. For this type of essay, this is what lays the basis of how to write a thesis statement for abortion. Here is an example of a thesis statement:

A majority of the people who have anti abortion arguments would be swayed in favor of therapeutic abortions only.”

  1. Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays can be described as a type of essay where the writer takes a stand and presents the reader with facts to support their views. They require the writer to undertake extensive research and investigation of a topic, gather information and get a stand on the subject. In most cases, this involves the writer combing through previously published papers and articles in depth to ensure they pick up as much information as they can from the texts.

Afterward, the writer can use that information to write their own publication and provide factual support as they gathered from the research they carried out. These facts can be statistics, prominent figures, tables, graphs, medical evidence and so on. The main difference between argumentative and persuasive essays is that in the former, the writer takes a stand as a result of extensive investigation, while for the later, the user takes a position because of their beliefs.

A writer who uses this approach should declare their stand through their abortion theses statement, as they lay the foundation for the reader to proceed further into the text and read the writer`s factual arguments defending their stand. If for instance, a writer takes the position that abortion should not be legalized, an abortion thesis statement sample that would set the pace for their anti abortion arguments would be something in tune to the following:

Regardless of the beliefs of an individual, there are undeniable physical, psychological and medical consequences that are not risks worth taking in exchange for the human life through legalization of abortion.

  1. Cause and Effect Essays

This type of essay can be described as a publication where ideas are placed in an order detailing the reason why an event would occur, the cause of the occurrence and what possible effects the occurrence would have. In some situations, there could be multiple causes to a single occurrence, or on the other hand, we could have a single cause dictating multiple occurrences.

For a writer seeking to talk about abortion, one would have to decide if they are looking at abortion from the point of view of a cause, then they would base their arguments on the effects of abortion. If the writer approaches abortion on the basis of it being an effect, they can base their arguments on the causes of abortion. These different viewpoints guide the user to align their thesis statements accordingly.

For writers who take the view that abortion is a cause of multiple occurrences, here is an example of what could be a thesis statement for abortion:

In consideration to medical complications linked to abortion, it is necessary to evaluate the viewpoint of legalizing abortions as it poses more threats than benefits.”

For writers who can take the view that abortion is an effect of multiple causes, the following is an abortion thesis statement example:

Abortion is not necessarily a reaction to a situation; it can be a result of a situation!

  1. Satirical Essays

This is an essay where the writer makes good use of ridicule or satire to make their points about the topic of asking. As much as it is meant to bring humor for the reader on an otherwise delicate subject, it is also intended to ensure that the reader is intrigued enough to keep reading to the end, which gives the writer an opportunity to strike a home run with their views. These kinds of papers and essays use irony and exaggeration throughout the text as it allows for a writer to be more effective and creative in their delivery. It is also critical for writers to ensure that they do not cross the line, especially when it comes to sensitive issues like abortion. For writers who decide to go this route, here is an abortion thesis statement sample that incorporates the use of satire that sets the stage for pro abortion arguments:

Abortion the government owns your pregnancy; after all, that is a future taxpayer!

Tips in Writing Your Thesis Statement for Abortion

Regardless of the different types of essays a user can write to get their points across, there are some pointers that writers need to keep in mind as they are bare minimums on an excellent abortion thesis statement. They are listed as follows:

  • Your thesis statement should be kept short: Keep it one or two sentences short as it aims to introduce the user to your point of view. Allow the user to get the rest of the information from the rest of the paper.

  • Your thesis statement should be provided early in your article. It should be placed in the middle or end of the introductory paragraph.

  • Your thesis statement should be as clear and as specific as possible. Use language that everyone can understand. Jargon should be avoided as much as possible.

  • Your thesis should include your stand on the topic at hand

  • Your thesis should be as original as possible. Ensure that you run checks against plagiarism.


Abortion is a broad and trendy topic that gives the user a lot of room to negotiate and be creative. A lot of research has been done already, and there are plenty of published papers and articles that detail the effects of abortion. As such, some factors are to be considered when writing a thesis statement on abortion, depending on the approach that the writer decides to use. As shown above, whether the writer stands with pro abortion arguments or anti abortion arguments, you really cannot go wrong with writing an essay on abortion.

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