Who Am I Essay

Who Am I Essay

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Section One

This section is characterized by two major facts that should be put down to guide the whole process. Who I am I essay are approached by understanding the key drivers about an individual and how they translate into one’s culture or way of life. How to write who am I essay will be preceded by thinking about the starter. First, the starter must have a good line that is catchy and long-lasting in the memory of the reader.

The starting Paragraph of Who am I Essay

Chief line: An example of a key/chief line

Contrary to what many would expect “I had to spend more than five years holding critical data from my sibling expecting that he would travel and disregard me. I feared that letting know that a letter admitting to a college in Florida would mean that I would be all alone at home with no one to have fun with. How egotistical was that? We have since made up and I am happy he told me that he did even want to go to that college after all.

Outline of central matters: These are the underlying issues that basically adds gets addressed by the essay of who am I. Getting to pen such down gives you a foundation that once the writing process begins then you will without much energy put the building blocks. Writing of Who I am essay or getting how to write who am I essay is well achieved when the most substantial matters are addressed. A good writer should therefore not ignore key matters such as the relationship between him or her and the world; the experiences got through interacting with others especially the parents and close family members because that is where we get most of the characters that make us who we are.

Section 2 (First Supporting Point)

When dealing with the second section of an essay (who am I essay), this is when breeding of supportive facts is done. You have the topic, the key line and an outline as a roadmap to your destination but you still need to have coherent sentences that push the statement forth to the readers otherwise your essay will be like vessel wandering without a navigator in the sea.

Proof: The third and vital action when explaining who you are in an essay is centered on having evidence that supports your arguments. Even though the essay is about you and your personality, the basic requirement by someone who will be accessing your essay is that they should not be based on wild assertions but must be backed by evidence.

Sentence development: Not so many who am I essay samples pass the test of quality sentence progress sentence because the writers in most cases dwell so much on the first person pronoun to the extent of failing to give more explanation on the facts.

Example of a good sentence: how to write who am I essay

“While I appreciate everything that my mother did for me including taking me to school, I believe that my outstanding character traits came from my father because I see myself as mirroring everything he does as well as his personality’

The emphasis on central matters: The weight put on key issues will make them interesting and comprehensive. The reader has less time to go through a boring article; in that case, you need to remind them why the essay about you is important by stressing the most critical issues driving your agenda.

Drawing a Conclusion

This doesn’t have to be the final step when writing who am I essay, importantly; you must have a structure of a conclusion even if in your mind because it will determine the substance of your document. Note that the final part is as good as the rest of the essay; therefore, a lot of key points must surface again reminding the readers the worth of the document.

An Example of a Finished Who Am I Essay

My family’s personality, their characters, and their worldview are what I attribute everything about me. If I was asked to describe myself then I would do so in light of the background of my family which is so attached to religion and Christianity. Since I was a child, have known my parents to be staunch followers of Christ and lovers of the Seventh Day Adventist where they participate as not only adherents but also choir members.

Having been raised up in Ohio where I happen to have been born, my 32 years have been filled by doctrines of my parent’s church which is now my church too. I hail from a family of five and I am the last born. Proudly I am intertwined between two cultures because my father came from Ghana settled in USA’s Ohio where he fell in love with an American white woman and married her. They loved Christianity so much that they had to nurture their children in Christian life. Just like them, I have dedicated my life to serve the church and spread the gospel of Christ all over the world. I travel a lot to help with the opening of other SDA branches across Africa and here in the US as well. Lucky enough, all my two brothers are also ardent churchgoers exhibiting great knowledge about the bible and values that define one as a Christian.

My Christian background clearly has had an effect on my personality in the sense that I am humble and outgoing. My entire life has been nothing short of widening my circle of friends. I am sociable and above all I am philanthropic. I can say without a doubt that I have created a network of friends dating back to the time I was in high school up to now. This indicated just how far I have gone in terms of reaching out to my peers and every person I believe should come to Christ. Furthermore, I am courteous and I treat all people with utmost humility, I have donated the big percentage of my salary to help the needy and those who have been struck by calamities. I really put my all in everything I do including work because as a child, one the values that drove my family was hard work. Rarely did we just sit around doing nothing but instead we all worked hard and helped the family where we could; with house chores, tilling the family garden, watering the flowers and arranging the books.

Being a man of more than one culture, I have come to appreciate coexistence and tolerance irrespective of where one is coming from. In God’s eyes, we are all the same and no one is placed above the rest and that is what I believe in too. But I must also state that I do not discriminate people based on their faith. Just like I was born in a Christian family, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist and the Atheists was also born in these respective faiths. For that reason, I acknowledge that they did not have a prior opportunity to choose which faith systems they would subscribe to. In fact, my social circle is filled up with friends from all backgrounds and cultures. Luckily, I am a multilingual and I fluently speak English, Ibo, Mandarin, French and now Portuguese. This has enabled me to easily interact with so many people and communicate with most of them in their own language despite being an American. I have had a lot of encouragement from my parents to continue impacting the world through learning various cultures and socializing with people from all parts the world so that I can help in terms of telling them about the gospel of Christ as well as other worldviews.

In summary, the best way to describe who am I and who I am by saying that I am an ardent Seventh Day Adventist, a philanthropist, and a church member, I am very gregarious and a respecter of people’s culture, life, and their faith. Additionally, I appreciate life and humanity as well as the need to unite as children of the world to create social changes that go a long way in building another world where people live in harmony, poverty is a thing of the past and equality is prioritized. Given the fact that I am outspoken and social, I have never found it difficult to do a lot of things with others especially activities that are meant to uplift humanity. I enjoy life and draw a lot of valuable lessons from life and the people I interact with. I must state that this world needs open-minded people for it to be a home for all of us and that is who I am for those asking who am I.


A good who am I essay example is the one that addresses the key points earlier stated such as the informing reasons behind the essay, the purpose as well as the relationship between the article and the writers themselves. It is equally advisable that when writing an essay about who you are, you should strive to personalize as much as possible the content besides availing who am I essay examples.

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