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Profile Essay

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Writing a profile essay is challenging to students because it is rarely taught in the other levels of education. In order to write a good profile essay, you need to be equipped with the right tools. You need adequate preparation and the right resources. A profile essay is used by students for journalism purposes. Before starting with your essay, it is important to follow all the guidelines and instructions given.

First, you need to know the purpose of this essay. This is to give the reader a complete description of your subject. It should keep the reader engaged and captivated. For your essay to be interesting choose a unique subject. Profile essays, like other essays, follow a certain structure.

The Structure of a Profile Essay


This is the first part of your essay; it serves as the face of your work. How you introduce your essay will determine the reader’s reception. The introduction should be kept at a minimum. Explain the meaning of the topic and give the main points of your essay. Keep the introduction interesting by using quotes, conversations and dialogues, and short stories. When writing a profile essay example for college tailor it in a way that the reader who is your instructor will find interesting. Use facts that can be verified and give examples as your evidence.


This is the part that carries most of the weight of your essay. It contains all the main points in different paragraphs. Each paragraph contains an idea that is explained in details. Write the body in an orderly manner guided by the introduction. All the main points must be explained in the body. In order for your work to be captivating, make sure that the ideas run smooth and follow a chronological order.


The conclusion puts all your essay points in simple words. Introducing a new point at this level is useless, and it spoils the flow of your essay. Use a few sentences to wrap up your work but make sure they connect the contents of the introduction and body.

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Subject

  1. Choose a subject who can be reached in case you are to conduct an interview.

  2. Select an interesting subject who will give many points

  3. Make adequate research concerning your subject. In an example of a personality profile essay, make enough research and be detailed with facts and correct information.

  4. Remember to follow all the instructions given for the choice of a subject

The subject of the essay is the basis of your work; therefore, make sure you choose them wisely. All subjects should be treated with dignity and respect although you might dislike them. You should approach the subject with an open mind so as to capture all the details of the information they give you. Before meeting a subject for an interview, you will need to gather as much information as you can about them.

Visit the library and online sources that are rich in such resources. An example of a profile essay about a world leader can easily be obtained from reliable online sources and public libraries. Books, magazines, and journals provide insights about the details of a profile essay. Reading from diverse sources gives you a broad understanding of all the details, styles, language, structure, and even the smallest details that are easy to forget. Remember to use an updated source to avoid including obsolete details in your essay.

Check when the latest information was shared as well as its validity. This applies mostly to people, places, and events. No matter how much information you gather, make sure that your points flow easily for a clear understanding.

When writing about a subject, start with the appearance. Things like name, height, skin color and height are important when describing a subject. They are used to create the identity of a person. For example, when writing about a person give the details that make them different. When writing about a place include the name, locality and neighboring places.

Use the right tone when writing your essay. The formal tone makes an essay sound formal and neat. A profile essay is more flexible as compared to other essays. You can use the first person pronoun. Interviews require the use of first person tone. However, avoid using this as it tends to confuse and distract the readers.

Remember to organize your work either in a chronological manner or using the thematic style. The chronological manner involves giving details as the occurred. This is a timeline of events. The thematic format is putting the ideas in a thematic mode. After writing your essay, proofreading it is a great way to ensure that you have followed all the instructions given. It also helps you to correct any errors made.

An Example of Personality Profile Essay

Here is an example of personality profile essay showing how to apply the guide given:

Causes and Solutions to Poverty in the Third world Nations

Poverty is a state of being in lack of resources and the capability of feeding and sustaining one’s family. It is the inability to meet the basic needs that all human beings need. There many causes of poverty that affect different cultures. Poverty is linked to poor medical access, little or no education, and laziness. Poverty can be global, cyclical, or collective.

The obvious cause of poverty is little or no access to clean water and healthy food. Hunger and starvation is connected to poverty because people who lack energy cannot work. They lack the strength and energy needed to make a livelihood. Lack of clean water and nutritious food increases the likelihood of contracting diseases because of decreased immunity. Diseases like diarrhea cause dehydration will is fatal to people who cannot access clean water. Also, this can be dangerous where the health centers are a long distance from their residences. Using the already meager funds for treatment of a family member plunges them deeper into poverty.

Having no access to job opportunities causes poverty because one cannot sustain himself without a source of income. Many people in developing nations move to cities with the hope of securing a source of income but end up disappointed. The resources are limited and the accumulation of people makes it hard to secure a job.

Many developing nations experience clashes and political instability. These halt economic development and chase foreign investors. Many people are displaced while businesses and infrastructure are destroyed. The economy of a country takes years to build and stabilize but can be destroyed within minutes of instability. It is usually hard to recover from economic downfall. Many productive people are killed while foreigner who had a contribution to the said economy return to their countries. Destroyed business premises means that more people lose their livelihood.

There are many forms of inequalities for example discrimination based on gender, social class, religion, and minority group. In the distribution of resources, some groups receive less than they require while the rest go greedy politicians or leaders. For example, in some countries, some cities seem to be developing at a high rate while others are lagging behind

The effects of poverty affect many people in the world, but there are many solutions to reduce this. By providing means of clean water to people without access. Governments can take initiatives to create programs to teach people about the importance and methods of recycling water. This is done by putting into place sewage recycling plants that will sustain the people with enough clean water. Harvesting rainwater is also a good way of ensuring that you have a supply of clean water.

The problem of inequality can be solved by being inclusive of all parties especially when making decisions that affect many people. This means that all people will get the resources they need to develop themselves and localities.

Poverty is a global challenge and is not concentrated in a certain area of the world. The causes may vary but some remain consistent. Depending on the level of poverty and resources available different solutions can be applied. Developed countries can also lend a hand to poor countries. Poverty can be eradicated with joined efforts.


Writing a profile essay can be a hectic activity, but with the right information and preparation, you can actually find it interesting. There are many similarities of profile essay to other essays, for example, the structure which contains the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction is a simple glimpse of your essay so keep it short and precise. The body contains all the ideas explained broadly. Make sure not to mix up the information and remember to use facts that can be verified. The conclusion is a summary of all the things written in the essay.

Writing a profile essay for the first time presents a challenge to many students. But, with proper guidance, you’ll quickly find the whole exercise quite manageable. We have professionals who can help you in this regard; get in touch for more personal profile essay examples and custom essay help!

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