Ecotourism Essay

Ecotourism Essay

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Writing an Essay on Ecotourism is a rather tricky process. There are some academic requirements and element that you have to include to create a good ecotourism essay. First, you will have to understand what ecotourism is. Ecotourism is a niche travel option. Not only that, one gets to travel while considering the natural environment and ecology of the travel destination.

Let’s explore how an appropriately crafted Essay about ecotourism should be.

Planning your essay on ecotourism

Before you get started on ecotourism Essay writing, take your time to choose a topic. Choosing a good topic to write on is an obvious and undeniable that has to be done before writing. Afterward, everything falls into place and makes writing much more manageable. You can consider checking other ecotourism essays or articles to have insight. Find a brilliant and exciting subject to write about.

Researching your essay about ecotourism

Suppose you have settled on essay about the advantages of ecotourism, you will have to get your facts right about ecotourism. At this point, digging deep is the next stop. Conduct profound research regardless of the topic you choose. Find adequate materials provided online or on books by educated specialists, journalists, and famous writers. Avoid using random sources.

Considering our example, ecotourism advantages essay, you will have to cite some credible and trustworthy sources to improve the quality of your work. Give yourself time to find good ideas. Try and look at your themes from a different angle to add a personal aspect to your content. Essay writing is all about giving your reader an insight into your commitment, enthusiasm, and intelligence. Hence, organize your brainstorming session with this in mind, for better results.

Use a thesis statement to structure your thoughts.

To create the best essay requires you to present your thoughts on the subject of your essay effectively. A thesis statement will help you outline the content of your essay to your readers in the early stages of the essay. As a result, it has to be quite detailed and well-organized. Also, ensure it is one or two sentences long. Moreover, include some keywords and references to point out how you plan to approach the topic. To give your reader the impression of a creative and imaginative writer, you can structure your essay using a pyramid. In other words, present your ideas in order of relevance.

For example, when writing an ecotourism advantages essay, use the thesis statement as the root of your essay’s content. Inform the reader that you will discuss the advantages of ecotourism and why you’ll choose this subject for your essay. Use a few words. Your thesis statement needs to be narrow, yet exhaustive and understandable. It forms the structure of the essay so strive to create the ideal statement.

Interesting facts to include in your essay about ecotourism

At the moment, ecotourism is still a widely misunderstood concept. Mainly due to its use in marketing campaigns for tourism related to nature. You can consider writing an essay about why practicing greenwashing in the name of ecotourism is detrimental to the ecosystem.

At first, define ‘Greenwashing’ as the term used to describe providing information to the consumer in regards to a firm’s environmental practices and for instance, giving the consumer false ecological benefits associated with using a particular product or service. As a result, a company’s behavior towards the environment is masked using green and eco-friendly labels on their products.

The advantages associated with ecotourism

While people associate ecotourism to ecologically and socially conscious individuals, you can outline the advantages other tourists with different interests can enjoy. For instance, describe the benefits of visiting natural and protected areas. Make the reader get the urge of visiting some of this attraction. Above all, emphasize on how the reader’s personal growth can be enhanced by ecotourism.

Educate the reader on the importance of fostering respect of different culture around the world. Explain how this will benefit the economic, social, and political environment of various communities. Moreover, outline how ecotourism is an enriching experience, especially for individuals who want to understand the environment around them.

Furthermore, outline how recycling, energy efficiency, and conservation can lead to the creation of opportunities for local communities since ecotourism aims to reduce the negative aspects of conventional tourism on the environment and to enhance the integrity of communities around the world.

The impact of ecotourism on third-world countries

Ecotourism is a term that encompasses several activities. For instance, there is the travel to natural destinations, promoting environmental awareness and financial support, empowering communities, supporting human rights efforts, among others. In your essay about ecotourism, lay out the impact of biological and cultural diversity conservation to the countries involved in ecotourism. Explain how sharing social and economic benefits with these local communities have affected the management of the environment. Support your claims by providing evidence to some of the benefits to the national economy. Consider focusing on countries such as Kenya, Nepal, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Antarctica, among others.

Statistics on the ecotourism

To improve the credibility of your work, consider adding statistics on ecotourism from relevant sources — for instance, statistics about ecotourism in Kenya, which is known for several ecotourism activities. There are indigenous people and the environment in the country. Moreover, you can include interesting facts such as the fact that approximately eight percent of Kenya has been designated for wildlife conservation. Furthermore, there are 23 National Parks, 28 National Reserves, and six marine reserves.

Wildlife in Kenya is made up of lions, rhinos, elephants, zebras, and more than 1070 bird species. Additionally, Kenya has a coastline of 536 kilometres, which primarily consists of sandy beaches. As you conduct your research, you will find more information which you can include in your essay to make a point using a real-world situation.

For instance, in our earlier example, ecotourism advantages essay, you can discuss the economic impact of Kenya host six world heritage sites. To support your claims, consider the fact that tourism is a significant sector in Kenya’s economy. You can locate studies on the tourism sector to ascertain the detailed figures on ecotourism in Kenya. Moreover, you can include some statistics about tourism in general.

Topics to consider when writing an essay

For ecotourism essay writing, there are several topics you can choose to write on. Here are some of the topic and an illustration of how you can cover them adequately.

The need for a global standard for ecotourism accreditation

As you conduct your research, you might learn that finding data specific on ecotourism is not easy. As such, you could use this as the basis of your essay on ecotourism. Moreover, for some time now, the concept of sustainable tourism has been experiencing tremendous growth. As the sector grows in intrigues and profitability, it only makes sense to have some define criteria at this point. Above all, this will help regulate the utilization of greenwashing practices as the practice grows among travel and other industry players. 

You can write ecotourism for and against essay on global accreditation. Outline the merits and demerits of having a global body promoting ecotourism. Moreover, you can include some of the arguments made by environmentalists for a worldwide standard of accreditation. In your essay, you can explore how certification will help consumers differentiate between ecotourism companies based on their level of environmental consciousness.

The sustainability of the ecotourism sector

Tourism is an essential industry in many countries. Consider writing on ecotourism for and against essay on promotion of the sector for economic growth. Tourism has directly or indirectly led to the creating of over 200 million jobs or more than ten percent in some countries. For your essay, find multiple employment survey and identify how relevant tourism is to the countries surveyed. Afterward, you can shortlist your findings to ecotourism hotspots to get an idea on the importance of ecotourism in some economies.

For instance, you can include 2009 data from international tourism receipts, which were worth $852 billion. Moreover, data from the World Tourism Organization (WTO) estimates a growth in the number of tourists by 2020 to approximately two billion. All these data will help support any claims of potential growth, benefits to the economy, and sustainability of the industry as an employment driver.

Demystifying ecotourism using facts

One of the most infamous myths about ecotourism is that it is an expensive endeavor. In your ecotourism essay, you could breakdown the likelihood of families or individuals to go eco-touring based on their income bracket. Furthermore, you can analyze the expected expenditure, and provide your readers with reasons why this should not deter anyone from ecotourism. A majority of traveler prefer to meet the locals and experience local traditions. Hence, you could also focus on how tourist companies swindle traveler to paying exorbitant prices to enjoy already naturally existing tourist attractions.

To conclude your essay, provide the reader with strategies to ensure they can experience ecotourism without dealing with unnecessary fees. Consider writing ecotourism for and against essay of traveling with a tourist company against travel individually. Maybe you can tackle what the traveler should expect in both scenarios. Encourage the reader to consult with ecotourism experts and companies to weigh out their options. Above all, make a discussion based on how much they are willing to spend, and what they expect to get out of their trip.

Ensure the quality of your essay on ecotourism

At this point, you should have a complete essay. Here is how to ensure your work is up to the best writing standards of perfection.

Read your essay

Regardless of how good you think you are an essay writing, reading your work after completion is the only way to ensure the quality of your work. Reading your essay allows you to check if you can do it better and correct at the moment. If you find unnecessary phrases, you can erase them, and define terminologies you may have used, or use synonyms. As a result, you will make your essay easy to read for anyone despite their educational background.

Your ecotourism essay will act as a revelation of your intelligence. Hence, read through it to find spelling and grammar mistakes and correct them. Moreover, you may get a fresh perspective which you can consider as you complete your essay.

Support your thesis

Above all, it is essential to back all the claims you have made in your essay using real and obtainable evidence. Remember that supporting your essay is the overall objective of ecotourism essay writing. Hence, include studies, researches, and other informative material to support your essay. Ensure you select the best details to help your essay.

Moreover, since this evidence can be verified, adding them to your essay provides it with additional strength. Furthermore, if you have had a chance to go eco-touring, you could include your personal experience in your essay. Support it with a fact which you would have unearthed during the research stage, to get your readers interested in the content of your essay.

When working on an ecotourism advantage essay, for instance, make sure you include statistics for each point you add in the essay. This will make your essay look accurate and credible, thereby pleasing your readers even more.

Include a compelling title and introduction to your essay

The title of your essay is what will make your audience read your essay. Even though your instructor is your reader, a proper title and introduction would leave a lasting impression. On the other hand, if you’re submitting your essay to an essay contest or college admission, the title and introduction of your essay will hook the reader. Hence, ensure your title and introduction are compelling enough to meet the objective of writing the essay from the start.

Concluding your thesis

When completing your essay, summarise all the facts in your essay. For instance, in an ecotourism advantages essay, summarise the points, supporting evidence, and what makes this point important. You can also stress the critical aspects of your essay for other topics. Summarise the benefits, effects, merits, and demerits of ecotourism, to the social, economic, and politics of the communities involved. Ensure your conclusion answers the topic of the essay.

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