Education Thesis Statement

Education Thesis Statement

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Writing an education thesis statement is no easy feat even if you have excellent writing skills. Crafting an education thesis statement that stands out from the crowd requires more than having a good vocabulary or a fancy pen. Here, is a simple guide that will show you how to write an excellent education thesis statement.

A good thesis statement for education essay should be able to logically unite the different parts or sections of the essay together while giving focus to the audience. There are different types of essays, and an education essay should take any of these forms or bear more than one of these forms. No matter the type of essay you decide to write, a thesis statement is essential. Because of its importance, it does not pay to write anything that comes to mind but carefully thought original sentences. If you do this correctly, you will have an education thesis statement.

What is an education thesis statement?

An education thesis statement is almost like a thesis statement. Only that it is more specific. It goes deeper than the general thesis statement. You have to know what a thesis statement means so you can understand an education thesis statement.

A thesis statement can be one or two sentences that highlight the topic and sub-topics of an essay. You usually look for those sentences when you are reading an essay. The thesis statements present a brief form of an idea that makes the essay.

A thesis statement for education essay can argue, analyze or state facts. The thesis statement will present this form presentable. You might want to argue against, take a stand or express your view in your essay. A thesis statement helps you do this, keeping your essay focused so that your reader might know what to expect in the essay.

What makes an education thesis statement outstanding?

Have you ever glanced through an essay and after the first two lines you said within yourself “ooh this is great”? If yes, then you have read a good thesis statement. But what exactly defines an outstanding education thesis statement? Is it determined by vast vocabulary, a fancy pen, writing skills or some blend of all of the above?

While it may be hard to pin down an exact definition that encapsulates an outstanding education thesis statement, they do tend to have some specific features. So, whether you are writing one now or in the nearest future, here are some general features that define a excellent education thesis statement:


What makes your readers want to read your essay? Is it because you are a great writer, or the topic is an interesting one? The correct answer to both questions is “no.”No one wants to read something they have read before. If any reader will read your essay, the readers want to be sure that they have not read it elsewhere before they saw your version.

You should also think of an education thesis statement in that way. Your readers want to see something new. You should be able to craft something that they might not see elsewhere apart from your own.


A good education thesis statement should make your readers agree with you. Now the point here is that you don’t need to be right or wrong. But what matters is that no matter your viewpoint, your thesis statement should make your reader agree with you.

You should persuade your reader that your viewpoint makes sense and that they should think along that line. Since your education thesis statement encapsulates your idea, it is safe to say that you should put more effort into the thesis statement.


Like a blockbuster movie holds its viewers spellbound, so should your education thesis statement be. Your education thesis statement should make your reader flow with the writing. The statement should whoever will read your thesis statement early enough into the writing.

A good thesis statement about education should make your readers be like Oliver Twist that they will ask for more of your writing. You should be able to string words together that will keep your audience glued to the essay because if they like your thesis statement, there is a chance that they will read the essay.


It is not a mean feat to write, let alone an education thesis statement that has critics hanging around like vultures to puncture the viewpoint of the author. It even becomes harder when you have to put your perspective in a few words.

Writing straight to point and still capture the message perfectly is a quality of good writing. An education thesis statement is not an exception to this fact. Your thesis statement should be rich enough to convey the message of the essay and short enough for the reader. This ensures that the writing does not bore your reader due to the wordiness of your thesis statement.

How to make an education thesis statement outstanding?

For you to make a good education thesis statement, there are various steps that you have to follow to achieve this.

Ask yourself some questions

Most writers underrate the act of asking questions. A good question should help you understand your thesis better and formulate the statement. When you answer the question, you will be closer to crafting your thesis.

When arguing, Socrates used to ask himself and other people questions. If Socrates who lived tens of centuries ago asked himself questions to get to the root of a matter, you should also do so. Meanwhile, you can iterate the questions to serve the essay. This will lead you even closer to the essay.

Be specific

There is a difference between a man and a male. A male can mean a young man, a boy or a male animal depending on the context. But instead of writing statements that will mislead people, write a specific word. Be clear about what you meant so that it will not turn out that instead of debating the idea contained in your thesis statement, your intentions are discussed.

Stick to the main idea

Because a thesis statement is an encapsulation of your thesis does not mean that you should write compress many ideas inside your thesis statement. You should stick to a topic. For instance, this thesis statement “Abraham Lincoln was the best American president for he fought the South during the war, freed the slaves and did many great things” has too many ideas. You can express it better with “The Civil War was an important period of American History. Abraham Lincoln’s handling of the war is not only historic but puts him as one of Americans best president”.

Takes a stand

A good education thesis takes a stand. Before anyone reads your essay, they want to know that you are an authority of some sort.No patient will listen to a doctor who presents the negative and positive sides of a particular substance to a patient. The patient will instead the doctor say that substance is dangerous, so he avoids it, or it is good so he can take it. That is how your thesis statement should be. It should tell your audience that you mean what you are saying.No one wants to be lead by a man who is not sure of himself.

Make Sure You Presents Facts

When writing a thesis statement about the education, you might be tempted to engage the reader and exaggerates or say something outrageous. Do not do that! Make sure whatever you state in the thesis statement is something anyone can verify.

Before writing a thesis statement, you can start with a fact and iterate it so that you will not be accused of twisting facts to support your narratives.

Benefits of an outstanding education thesis statement

You might ask yourself “Why to write an outstanding education thesis statement?”

Well, the answer is obvious. Something outstanding stands out among its peers. While most education thesis statement might settle for the plain vanilla, the ones that are better than average get better reception. This is not the only benefit, but there are others like:


A good thesis statement on education helps to organize your essay. Since you know what your thesis statement is, you will plan your writing better. This is beneficial to you and your readers. Your readers will know what to look for in the essay. For you, it helps you define the scope of your writing.

You will be able to avoid the unnecessary fluffs that usually gets into writing. With unnecessary details inside your essay, your writing will look amateurish, and it can be a distraction for your readers.

Think of your education thesis statement as a map. When you have a clearly defined thesis statement, you will tailor your essay to meet the limits of your thesis statement. A good education thesis statement should help you not get lost in the process of writing. It should also keep your readers on the right path while they read through your essay.

The organization is essential in writing as it helps you keep the valuable parts and relegates the unnecessary parts to the dustbin.

Huge time saver

Time is an essential commodity that is not renewable. In fact, of all the resources available to anyone, time is the only one that cannot be controlled. The best one can do is manage it. Time is essential when writing an essay as time lost will bring the deadline closer.

With an outstanding education thesis statement, you will plan your writing better. This will help you know where you need to go for research, how you need to write and what is necessary. This, in turn, will help you focus on what matter – the essay.

Some writers after writing essays realize that they will have to eliminate a large chunk of information from their writing during the editing process. Although, removing paragraphs from writing during editing is not bad in itself, but a good thesis statement should help reduce the rate at which words will be flunked.

When the writing is good, the editing will be minimal. That is time saved in both writing and editing.

Things to avoid when writing an education thesis statement

For an education thesis statement to hit the right spot, it needs to prevent some certain pitfalls. Writers of essay often overlook these pitfalls. But, if it can be avoided, your thesis statement will carry more weight.

General statement

Large statement increases the scope of your writing. It also makes your thesis statement to take on any form. For example, a thesis about Global Warming might explore the different effects of Global Warming. A bad thesis statement might say “Global Warming is harmful.” This statement is general in itself that your essay might take the size of a book and you still have not covered the effect of Global Warming.

A better thesis statement might say “Weather has changed drastically over the years no thanks to global warming. This can be observed in the temperature change, frequent rainstorms, winds, and typhoons; scientists say these changes are caused by global climate change”. This one is better than the one above, and the readers will see a clearer picture of what will be discussed.

Doing minimal or no research

An essay is without research will lead to bad results. This can be seen in the thesis statement as someone who made no effort in researching will craft a bad thesis statement. In writing a thesis statement, adequate knowledge of the subject is necessary. This way, you can compose your viewpoint into short sentences. 


Writing a good thesis statement on education depends on how you understand the topic. When you understand the topic well, you can summarize the main ideas of your essay into two sentences or less. Writing a good thesis statement is also an art as you will need to use words that capture the interest of your readers while presenting facts and arguing your points satisfactory. The above guide should help you craft a good thesis statement that will add punch to your writing.

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